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Home lighting ideas: A guide to elegant lighting in home remodelling

home lighting

If you’ve been living in your property for a number of years or have just bought a new home, it may be time to redesign and freshen up your interior. One of the top concerns is how to alter your lighting to create an elegant atmosphere flowing from room to room. This can give your home a new lease of life and improve your enjoyment of the property.

In 2016, energy efficient practises are essential for the environment and your carbon footprint, but this doesn’t stop you having a huge amount of choice in types of lighting and the mood they add to different spaces. From giving guests a great first impression to cultivating a relaxing atmosphere in the evening, find out from electrical contractors Cooper Weston how to achieve your lighting goals.

Entrance hallway

Entrance lighting
The entrance hallway has a unique identity as you welcome guests into your personal space

The entrance hallway has a unique identity as you welcome guests into your personal space. It’s on trend to create a warm effect with softer lighting that makes visiting friends and family feel immediately comfortable. Choose traditionally styled hanging pendants in light colours such as cream, as well as a small chandelier should you have appropriate ceiling height.

Additionally, utilise mirrors to accentuate the warm glow and make it brighter as well as a more spacious area. You’ll find that this relaxes guests and helps your hosting go as planned.


the Lounge
The lounge is likely to be your most used space

Likely to be your most used space, it’s where homeowners spend time relaxing, reading and enjoying their leisure time. This makes lighting essential to promote a calm environment that is also versatile to how you’re using the space. Initially, install dimmer switches so you can alter the brightness to your wishes; for example, as you relax before going to bed it’s useful to have dimmer lights so you can reduce the brightness and rest your eyes.

Invest in track lighting and also floor standing lights which will also become features of the room in their own right. Available in a range of designs, ensure lamp colours and stands suit your existing furniture.

Dining Room

Dining Room
The dining room is another room where you’ll want versatility and the ability to alter the mood with lighting depending on your event

A place to gather for good food and friendly catch-ups with your nearest and dearest, it’s another room where you’ll want versatility and the ability to alter the mood with lighting depending on your event. As presentation will be essential here, opt for adequate above lighting such as track lights. These ensure everyone can enjoy the food’s quality before sampling and can see each other well for conversation.

Once you’ve served pudding and perhaps entered into a coffee course, more ambient lighting will be preferable. This is where you can turn off the above lighting (or dim) and choose side room lighting with lamps, wall mounted pendants and uplifters. Regardless of your decor, this will make your dining room especially cosy.


The main purpose of lighting in the kitchen should be to make life easier with food preparation and storage

The most functional room in your house, the main purpose of lighting should be to make life easier with food preparation and storage. Under cupboard spotlights are an excellent option as they create a soft light onto work surfaces that isn’t too clinical. Recessed ceiling spotlights are very on trend and you’re given the extra bespoke choice of spotlight quantity and location.

For added elegance, showcase your chinaware with cupboard lighting and opt for multiple on and off switches so you can alter the brightness throughout the day. If you have large kitchen windows, consider how these will influence the atmosphere at all hours as this is a good indicator of what you require from your artificial light.

Bedrooms and guest bedrooms

Bedrooms and guest bedrooms
A well-designed bedroom can feature a number of lighting points

Bedrooms in your home, particularly when open to guests, require a lot of planning as you need them to work for multiple people with multiple needs. In this way, don’t be afraid to have too many lighting points. A well-designed bedroom can feature bedside lights either side of the bedframe for individuals reading, above lighting for makeup and morning rituals, as well as wardrobe lighting to accentuate space.

Along with other functional rooms it’s good to consider dimmer switches, especially for eyes to comfortably adjust to reading. Whilst these can initially create quite sharp effect, you can then alter to a softer approach to help you relax before sleeping.

Essentially, as you remodel and adapt your home consider all your options and research what might be best for you and your needs. It’s always an excellent approach to consider the use of each room and how lighting can improve your experience in that space. As you move forward, remember that lighting can make your layout and property elegant and stand out from your neighbours.