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Home renovation project inspiration: We take a look at four beautiful homes

Do you often wish for more from your home? Want a fresh look, more space or both? You’ll need to settle on a renovation project. Yet while most of us know roughly what we want to achieve, knowing how to deliver the change required to our homes can be a trickier prospect.

It helps to look at what other people have done. You don’t need to copy them outright, but magpie the best themes, tips and suggestions to bring your goals to life.

Here are four beautiful homes that you can take for inspiration, please click on the various links:

All white on the night
This Victorian flat in south-east London shows the value in using simple design, especially when space is at a premium. White walls, using wood effect – on sideboards, floors and table tops – and minimalist Scandinavian furniture creates a perfect basic template in this home. From there it leaves the owner chance to add their own little quirks with accessories which they do with quirky prints, velvet curtains and colorful cushions.

Lofty ambitions
One of the classic home renovation projects that many of us fancy trying our hands at is the loft conversion. Wouldn’t it be great to get an extra room in your home to increase the space you have? This home in West Sussex is a perfect example of how to make that space into an office. So many of us work from home these days and it’s important to have a space to do that in. Ideally you wouldn’t want to work in your living room where there are plenty of distractions and by having a separate working space you should be able switch ‘work mode’ on and off. Using your loft makes perfect sense. Maximise your light with Velux windows from Ken’s Yard and use white walls like the West Sussex home for a light airy space that will allow you to get on with your work in peace.

Money, money, money
What if you want to boost the value of your home? If you’re looking to sell up or even just invest in your home as an asset, then Andy Drugan’s north London two-up two-down should serve as inspiration. He snapped up the property for £427,100 in 2006, spent £140,000 (including the services of an architect) and is now left with a property worth £1.26 million. The project aimed high – knocking down an existing extension, rebuilding the staircase, raising the ceilings and establishing a new kitchen diner with bathroom above. His home shows how radical structural change can transform the value of your bricks and mortar.

A classic look
Tired of modern life? Not everyone wants a home that keeps up with the ‘latest trends’. This home in Hertfordshire shows how to deliver an unashamedly period feel to your home. Bold floral print feature walls make a big impact in the bathroom and child’s bedroom, while the marble fireplace and curved table and chair legs ooze class in the living room. It’s a timeless style that can make the most of the features of many older properties.