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How much will your dream bathroom really cost?

The bathroom is a space that should offer you a complete sanctuary away from the woes and worries of the day. But if your bathroom leaves you pining after something a little more glamourous and spa-like, it may be time to consider a renovation.

Whilst many of you may recoil at the thought or the cost of such a transformation, you may be surprised to find it won’t harm your bank balance as much as you think. The average bathroom renovation costs between £3,000- £5,000, and according to Experian a new bathroom suite will add around £7,250 to the value of your home, so it’s an investment worth making not only to gain some bathroom bliss, but also to boost the potential profitability of your home.

It’s a well known fact that buyers make their decisions based on the quality of the kitchen and the bathroom, as these are the two biggest areas which make an impact on how they envisage living in the space. However, with many people deciding to improve rather than move, bathroom projects are often at the top of everyone’s list.

In order to help you calculate the costs of your dream bathroom, Bella Bathrooms have created this Bathroom Calculator which estimates the cost of your desired features.

Taking you through every element from the accessories to that roll top bath you’ve been lusting after, the budget system can give you guidance on how much your dream bathroom will really cost. Allowing you to determine the estimated cost of your bathroom and a checklist to work from, it removes the guess work and gives you an actionable list to work from.

Beginning with your budget, you’ll be able to select your preferred options before a customised checklist is presented to you. Simplifying a process which is usually fraught with stresses, you can renovate your bathroom without feeling burdened by the unknown costs which lay before you.

Bathroom Calculator
The Bella Bathrooms Bathroom Calculator

A luxurious bathroom style can be designed with your requirements in mind with this easy to use tool. If you’re stuck for inspiration we’ve selected some of the most glamorous suites with their estimated costs, to show you that luxury living doesn’t have to come with the luxury price tag.

The Modern Minimalist

They key with any minimalist design is to keep clutter hidden away
modern bathroom design

If you have a taste for simple style, clean lines and flawless finishes, then a minimalist style will have your bathroom feeling like your own in no time. The key with any minimalist design is to keep clutter hidden away. Shelves and floors filled with toiletries is going to draw the eye away from the calming atmosphere that minimalism can provoke.

According to this calculator this bathroom is estimated at £4,051.03

The Country Traditionalist

A vintage style is the epitome of the British countryside, offering delicate details that help to add to the charm and character of the home

A vintage style is the epitome of the British countryside, offering delicate details that help to add to the charm and character of the home. But this style doesn’t have to stop in the bathroom. Whether you’re looking to insert some countryside chic into your home, or add to what is already there, pastel hues of duck egg or putty will rejuvenate tired looking walls, and with the addition of landscape art and big mirrors, the smallest touches will give it some life. Of course a countryside bathroom is never complete without a roll top bath that allows you to soak away the long days.

This stylish less shabby more chic bathroom is estimated at £3,457.05

If you’re looking to enhance your home this spring, you may be surprised at how a bathroom renovation can transform your humble abode without a large dent in the finances.

Once you’ve estimated the overall cost of your suite using this calculator, you can then enjoy the fun of hiring an interior designer and picking out the accessories that will lift your bathroom back into life.

And if not for your own peace of mind, you can feel assured that your investment will help your home become a quick and profitable seller when it hits the market.