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How Siemens is helping to reduce the world’s water footprint

As we make our way further into 2017, innovationists such as technology brand Siemens are working hard to isolate the year’s most interesting trends and provide consumers with appliances that keep them at the forefront of the technological revolution.

Upon picking the brain of Food Futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye, Siemens discovered an urgent need to help its consumers reduce the amount of water they use in day-to-day chores such as laundry and dish washing.

Dr Morgaine Gaye said: “For something so colourless, odourless and tasteless, the existence of water is arguably the most fundamental aspect for life on Earth.

“As the human population continues to rise, along with climate change, mass production and extreme droughts, water is becoming less and less available and therefore more of a luxury.”

During her extensive report, Dr Gaye even goes as far to suggest that in the not-so-distant future we could see luxury shops on the high street that specialise in the sale of premium bottled waters. These waters could even feature exotic selling points such as “gold-infused water sold in Swarovski-studded bottles.”

Our general lack of respect with regards to responsible water consumption should come as no great shock; the polar ice caps have been dwindling before our very eyes for well over a decade now, and while we battle to find cheaper, less-harmful fuels, and greener modes of transport, we often neglect the simple responsibilities in life.

Thankfully, Siemens suggest there are a few simple home improvements we can all make to reduce our water footprints.

The Siemens IQ700 SpeedMatic dishwasher: dazzlingly fresh dishes with a cleaner conscience.

Ditch the washing up bowl and invest in a dishwasher:

Nobody enjoys tediously scrubbing at pots and pans after a home-cooked meal. And it only gets worse when we stop to consider how much water is wasted during this tiresome chore.

The Siemens Zeolith dishwasher not only looks fantastic tucked away in your kitchen, but on its 50-degree economy wash programme, Siemens’ Group Marketing Manager Gaelle Thibaud claims it “uses five times less water than your average hand wash” – that’s an extortionate saving.

Plus, with its compatibility with the new Siemens Home Connect App, you can even programme the Zeolith to deliver perfectly clean dishes from your smartphone… assuming you remember to load the dishwasher before your morning commute.

Upgrade your tired washing machine to something a little more intelligent:

With innovation comes ingenuity – something that Siemens has demonstrated perfectly with its home laundry appliances.

Intelligent sensor technology such as i-Dos means that you’ll no longer waste costly essentials when washing your clothes.

Thibaud says: “i-Dos sensors analyse the weight of the laundry, type of fabric and the level of dirt, then dispense the correct amount of detergent.

“In addition to this, auto programmes powered by iSensoric technology use flow and load sensors to detect the minimum consumption of water, energy and detergent without compromising on perfect washing results.”

The new Siemens IQ500 front loading washing machine will reduce your water footprint in no time at all.

Finally, there’s Siemens’ revolutionary sensoFresh technology, which allows you to remove odours from clothes quickly without using water or detergent.

Thidaud explains: “The sensoFresh programme works by wrapping a mix of fog and active oxygen around clothing, causing odour molecules in the fabric to be released.

“The active oxygen then breaks these molecules down. A stream of air then transports the neutralized odour molecules and the remaining oxygen to an active carbon filter, where it’s turned into more oxygen. The result means that the laundry is left smelling fresh – unlike artificial fragrances.”

Clearly, Siemens plans to wage war on some of Earth’s most crucial issues this year. The company is looking to educate and help each individual homeowner to reduce their water and carbon footprints, while providing sleek design and communicative appliances that will improve the appearance and feel of your home.

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