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How to choose the right type of flooring in every room

The range of materials as well as the varying styles, shapes, sizes and shades up for grabs available make it difficult to choose flooring, but each room will have its own requirements.

By LLM Reporters  |  February 23, 2022

From exotic hardwood to natural stone to luxuriously soft deep pile carpets, the selection of top-of-the-range flooring options out there are plentiful, and if you want your home to exude opulence in every room, then high-quality options are the way to go.

Of course, when deciding on which type of flooring to choose from with the range of materials out there, not to mention the varying styles, shapes, sizes and shades up for grabs, the main consideration you will need to have is which room said flooring will be laid in. What looks fantastic in the kitchen will not necessarily look good in the bedroom and what fits well there won’t work for the bathroom, so you will need to look at each room on its own and decide what suits each space perfectly when planning any big changes.

That’s not to say that you can’t have a cohesive look throughout your home, if that’s what you want, but there will certainly be some factors to consider within each room to ensure you buy something that best suits your personal style and the wear and tear that the flooring is going to have to withstand.

Tiles are easy to clean and work well with underfloor heating if you are looking for that added luxury in the bathroom

On top of this you should take into account the style of your property, as this can dictate certain flooring styles that will fit in with your décor. For example, if you live in a period property, you may want to opt for wood or tile flooring, while modern properties look great with marble. For luxury design flooring that can suit any style of home, Luvanto can help, but before you get that far, read on to discover a little more about finding the right type of flooring for each room in your home.


When it comes to giving your kitchen an update, flooring plays such a big part as it’s something you’re unlikely to change for a very long time, so you really do need to get it right. No pressure!

Kitchens are well-used rooms and need to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear, spillages, mess and the like, so easy to clean flooring is key here. In addition to this, hardwearing flooring should be chosen to help minimise damage and keep the appearance looking as good as new (with frequent cleaning) for as long as possible.

living room
You will need to look at each room on its own and decide what suits each space perfectly

If you have an open plan layout, with a combined kitchen/dining area and even the lounge too, consider having different types of flooring to create zones and to separate the space while keeping a flow with flooring of the same colour, for example a white carpet in the lounge would blend in well with a pale tile floor in the kitchen.


The main things you need to think about with bathroom flooring are that it can withstand plenty of moisture and fluctuations in temperature. Wood is a no here as is carpet, so consider tiles as your number one option, but make sure they are non-slip and stain resistant to avoid post bath or shower injuries and to ensure they look fresh for the long term. Tiles are also easy to clean and work well with underfloor heating if you are looking for that added luxury in the bathroom.

Luxury Kitchen With Opaline Furniture In Art Deco Style.
Add the wow factor with statement flooring that can also blend into furniture

Living rooms and bedrooms

Two rooms where comfort plays a huge part in the design are the living room and bedrooms. Rooms where residents cosy up and relax, carpets are often the flooring of choice, though that’s not to say that stylish wood flooring can’t be used topped with a cosy rug underfoot to add style and comfort. You can, of course, use tiling in a lounge along with underfloor heating if using throughout as this will also offer a warm and pleasant environment for all the relaxing that will be taking place there.


A top priority throughout hallways should be to fit a floor that is very durable and easy to keep clean. It will also help to choose a flooring that successfully hides dirt that is brought in with muddy shoes and pet paws. Porcelain, ceramic, and stone can all be good options, as can solid or engineered timber. Natural fibre flooring is also appropriate for hallways and stairs, with both coir and seagrass being a useful fit in areas of high foot traffic.