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How to create a luxury kid’s bedroom

By LLM Reporters on 3rd April 2019

We all dream of creating a luxurious living space that looks easily as if it could have been taken from a glossy home interiors magazine, exuding style and sophistication from every corner and making you the envy of those around you. And although it might seem like your children’s rooms would be the only exception, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There’s no reason for the kids to be left out of the joy that comes with an aesthetically pleasing bedroom, and you only have to glance at Instagram of Pinterest to find more inspiration than you could shake a stick at. Gone are the days where children’s rooms meant bright block colours and garish accents, and from stylish bedding sets to chic wall art, creating a bedroom that’s fit for a princess (or prince) has never been easier.

If your children’s bedrooms are the only thing standing between you and that perfect home, then prepare to revamp – the smiles on their faces after the big reveal will make it more than worth the effort, and you’re certain to enjoy showing off the results next time you’re entertaining, too.

It’s perfectly possible to give your kid’s bedroom a stylish touch that looks expensive without hiring a designer. Here are five ways to get that luxury look, and you can do it all yourself with ease.

Before you get started on giving your child’s room a stylish makeover, a good declutter is essential

Tidy up


Before you get started on giving your child’s room a stylish makeover, a good declutter is essential. Children’s rooms, in particular, tend to accumulate an abundance of unwanted toys and too-small clothes over the years, and it’s always wise to start with a clean slate.

As with any interior space, less is always more, and mess and clutter simply don’t have a place in any Instagram-worthy home. Miss this step, and it won’t matter how much you splurge on designer and accessories – so take some time to lay the groundwork before even thinking of picking up that paintbrush.

The more free space there is in the room, the bigger and more luxurious it will look. Start with throwing away anything that is unnecessary, be it old books or broken toys. Inspect the wardrobe and donate outgrown clothes to charity to make room for new ones.

Next, invest in some storage space so that you can neatly conceal extra bedding, books and toys from view. Use the large space under the bed to store seasonal items, and if the room is shared by two (or more) children, consider investing in bunk beds. In addition to keeping the room feeling as spacious as possible, these beds allow you to create extra storage units around or within the bed structure. A godsend if your child has more belongings than you quite know what to do with.

When seeking out new furniture for the room, look for multifunctional pieces. For instance, a toy chest is perfect for storing toys, but it can easily be turned into a seat by simply adding a cushion.

Shelves are another great way to increase your child’s storage space without eating into the room, and are perfect for stacking books and ornaments to keep them out of the way.

Choose wall colours wisely


Children’s rooms are the perfect place to let your imagination run wild! They’re all about fun schemes and bright colours that will really help bring the space to life – .but be careful, as opting for too many different colours can be overkill. Stick to a palate of one or two, and balance with neutrals to avoid overwhelm.

Soft green or warm taupe shades are perfect for kids’ bedrooms, especially if you’re looking to create a gender-neutral room or a room that’s easy to update as your child’s tastes change. These colours pair well with white, but you can also combine them with details in both bold and pastel colours. Versatile and easy to work with, with neutral shades you can’t ever go wrong.

Older children’s bedrooms can be slightly more complicated, because teenagers, if given the choice, will often opt for darker and moodier shades. The best compromise in this situation is to go with an elegant grey – one of the trendiest home interior colours around at the moment, and a timeless one, too. Combine it with white paintwork or freshen it up with colourful accessories for a chic and stylish look.

Children’s rooms are the perfect place to let your imagination run wild!

Add character with colour


Adding colour to a room that is painted in neutral shades can be achieved through the use of elements such as pictures and paintings or cushions and throws. Choose some bold accent colours, and select your accessories in various shades to add a splash of interest and character.

Try painting the furniture and woodwork using one main colour and two accents. Chalk paint is really popular right now, and can transform a relatively boring piece of furniture into a new piece they’ll love.

When using two colours next to each other, pick similar shades to balance the overall look.

If you really must use different colours, use the darker one on the bottom half of the wall, and the lighter shade on top to make the ceiling feel as high as possible. Don’t forget to choose accessories and bedding that match your colour scheme, too.

If you’re not in the mood for painting, consider using wallpapers instead. Covering only one wall in your kid’s room is a great way to create a feature that livens it up instantly, and will mean you can keep the remaining walls plain to let it really do the talking. From animal prints to florals, the possibilities are endless – choose something you know your child will love, and be sure to opt for the right colour palate to remain inkeeping with the rest of the room.

Crown moldings can make even the plainest bedroom look expensive. Self-adhesive moldings can be found in your local home improvements store and, if you’re handy with DIY, you’ll be able to install them yourself – just don’t forget to paint the crown molding to match the walls.

baby  shower backdrops
The bed is the centrepiece of any bedroom, and the same should apply to your child’s

Light it Up


Although often seen as an afterthought, the lighting you choose can make or break a room. Atmospheric side lights can create a cosy feel, while stylish fixtures and fittings can make a big visual impact when you enter the room.

Get rid of any cheap-looking ceiling fixtures and replace them hanging lights. With a wide selection of chandeliers, drum-shade fixtures, and pendants in all shapes, colours, and sizes available to choose from, it’s all part of the fun – just make sure that your choice goes with the rest of your child’s bedroom and complements the furniture.

It’s even easier when it comes to lamps. New, fun lamp shades can be easily found to replace the plain and old ones. Be careful, though; even though lamp details like pom poms, decoupage and fake flowers may seem like a great idea for a kid’s room, they’re definitely not going to achieve that luxury look you’re trying to create. Stick to the simple, classic style – though If you really must add detail, then we recommend choosing a shade with metallic accents.

Invest in quality furniture


The bed is the centrepiece of any bedroom, and the same should apply to your child’s. With this in mind, you should opt for one that looks luxurious and is of the utmost quality, whilst ensuring it’s just as perfect for getting a good night’s sleep.

Always bear in mind that the main purpose of the bedroom is to provide a comfortable and peaceful place to rest and relax, so make sure to invest in a good mattress to complement the bed. If your little one is having trouble sleeping, this kids sleep guide offers tips to help them get enough sleep.

With a few small tweaks, you can easily transform your child’s bedroom into a fun yet luxurious space you’ll both love – and we guarantee you’ll have just as much fun changing them up again in a few years’ time to suit their latest tastes.