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How to create the perfect home cinema room

home cinema room

Jenny Allan, founder of London based luxury interior designers JCA Interiors, gives advice on how to create the perfect cinema room.

Cinema rooms are now a must have, valuable amenity in luxury properties and the demand is on the increase. They can be designed as luxurious escapes, a room which can be used by everyone living in the house as well as a great place to entertain guests.

Often cinema rooms are created as part of subterranean areas alongside a gym, bar or games room and perhaps a swimming pool, the ultimate leisure retreat. Being located in the basement helps keeps noise to a minimum and gives a more realistic cinematic experience as there is no natural light.

To control the acoustics add padded walls which can be made out of panels of fabric such as suede or silk and create an elegant, comfortable environment. Thick carpet also minimises noise so choose a high density thick pile as the most sound absorbing option.

To guarantee excellent sound quality always invest in the best possible speakers and for a more polished look ensure they are discreetly hidden away. The ideal way to do this, is to install speakers which can be concealed in the wall and painted over.

The screen is always the star of the show and the size must be in proportion to the room and the proximity of the seating. Often a home cinema room will have a projector, usually on a drop down lift and a projector screen. There is also the option of having a large TV screen however this may limit the size. Technology is continually advancing so it is advisable to purchase the latest most efficient models to always achieve the best visual experience.

Comfortable, luxurious seating is paramount to the room’s success and should be carefully considered in relation to the shape of the room and location of the screen. Large, modular sofas work well in rectangular rooms while traditional cinema seating, with luxury chairs or daybeds in short rows combined with a raised floor for the seating behind are more suitable for square rooms. Just make sure the ceiling height is sufficient and the step for the raised floor is adequately lit.

Choose beautiful, soft upholstery such as velvet for seating to create a cosy, luxurious space then add tactile cushions and throws as finishing touches which are perfect for settling in to watch a new blockbuster on a Saturday night.

Lighting also plays a key part in the atmosphere of the room. Ambient lighting is an indirect softer light which is ideal for entertaining. One of the best ways to create this is with a coffered ceiling with the addition of a dimming system control to increase or decrease lighting depending on the occasion.

Refreshment options are usually a high priority when designing a cinema room, so consider installing a bar and also be sure to include side tables or a coffee table so drinks and snacks are easily accessible when watching the movie.

As the final addition to a design consider adding some artwork to the walls. The nature of this art could relate to the main purpose of the cinema room, for example for an avid movie aficionado perhaps black and white pictures of movie stars such as Audrey Hepburn or if the main purpose of the room is for sporting entertainment maybe use framed shirts of a favourite team.

From the latest movies to exciting sporting events cinema rooms provide the perfect place to enjoy these moments and an excellent, stylish room design is paramount to it’s success.