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How to create the perfect home cinema in 6 steps

Cinema rooms are now a must have, valuable amenity in luxury properties and the demand is on the increase.

By Natasha Heard  |  December 8, 2021
home cinema room

For the cinephiles of the world, a trip to their local complex or independent hub will bring joy on each and every visit, whether the film turns out to be an utter masterpiece or a complete flop. Often it is the experience alone that entices those back to the big screen time and time again, with comfortable seating, the opportunity to socialise (not during the movie, of course) and the chance to drip feed themselves popcorn and sweet treats throughout that makes the event what it is.  

But what do you do when you want that cinema experience at home with your old favourites? When you want to re-watch all 26 films in the MCU Timeline or catch up on your favourite Christmas classics, you will want to do it in style. Though cinemas sometimes replay older films at certain times of the year, there are plenty of moments when you will want to cosy up with a good movie in the comfort of your home, and so creating your very own home cinema is the perfect solution.

The selection of seemingly endless streaming services that are now available, and the advancement of technology, means that you really can get that cinema experience at home, and the beauty of doing this is that you can completely tailor it to your desires by picking out your very favourite parts of the big screen experience and recreating it in your own private setting.

Though we don’t think anything quite compares to the cinema itself, there are certainly some bonuses to deciding to set up in your home, so if this is your next big project, then read on for how to do it perfectly.

home cinema room
Cinema rooms are now a must have, valuable amenity in luxury properties and the demand is on the increase


You will need to consider where exactly you can place your cinema room within your home, and while a spare room is an obvious option, consider if you have a basement area that can be used for this – less natural lighting is perfect – or whether you can convert anther space. This could be a good opportunity to undertake a loft conversion or convert a section of your garage space into something far more exciting.


Soft, comfortable reclining chairs and a blanket or two to really cosy up, make sure your seating is top notch, so you are relaxed and happy when sitting down to binge your favourite streaming service’s top picks or favourite films from the past. Comfort is key here.


The part that can be hard to get right is the décor, as anything too bland can make for an uninviting space. Deep, dark tones work well in this space alongside soft and comforting fabrics to create a sumptuous environment to recline and be entertained. Wall panelling works well in this room to add character – and you can incorporate sound proofing here – while full length velvet curtains can block out light and add to the comfort factor. Line the back wall with your favourite film posters for the personal touch and stick to accent lighting only which can be easily turned off (by smart tech) once the film starts.

Screen and sound

The bigger, the better certainly applies when it comes to recreating the big screen feeling at home. Projector screens, which you can obtain in 4K are a great option for bigger spaces, while large flat screen televisions can work in smaller rooms. Make sure that you have enough space between the screen and your seating for the most comfortable time and splash out on the sound system as this will pay off. Surround sound with numerous speakers dotted around the room are sure to provide the best cinematic experience for you and your fellow viewers.

home cinema room
Projector screens, which you can obtain in 4K are a great option for bigger spaces, while large flat screen televisions can work in smaller rooms

Food and drinks

What is your favourite cinema snack? If you eat popcorn solely as a treat at the movies, then do the same within your home cinema. There’s nothing like the smell of warmed popcorn filtering through to remind you of good times spent watching films, so get yourself a popcorn machine at home to do the same. Load up a fridge with your favourite drinks, fill some jars with your favourite sweets and crisps and enjoy the all-round experience.

Treat it like the cinema

Finally, put away your phone and ask all who enter the room to do so too, the bane of many an existence is the constant need to check your phone, and most of the time those notifications can easily wait for a few hours. Be present in the moment, just as you would at a public cinema, and you are far more likely to enjoy the experience that you have worked so hard to create.