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How to design the ideal home office

Working from home can be a terrifying, but never-endingly exciting venture. Not only is working from home exciting because you get to working in the comfort of your own house, but you get to design your very own office too! No more dreary white walls and terrible motivational posters.

Many people opt to integrate an office into their home after they carry out a home renovation, so whether you’re arranging a period property restoration or adding a new section to your already modern home, there are plenty of ways that you can ensure your own home office is not only enjoyable to be in, but will also help to ensure your productivity levels are as high as possible. From decorative cushions, mood boards and candles to boost your mood, to the room features like charming 1930s doors or rustic wooden desks, there is plenty you can do to bring your office space to life.

Carry on reading to find out what you need to consider designing a beautiful home office for maximum efficiency.

Choosing Your Desk

Though a desk might be exactly that – just a desk – to you, until you begin to design your ideal home office and delve into magazines full of home office inspiration, you won’t be aware of the array of different sized and shaped desks available on the market today. While those with a large office space may choose a centre-of-the-room desk for additional privacy, those with limited space can work just as well with the basic along-the-wall straight stable desk or an l-shaped desk if they dare.

home office
You won’t mind getting work done with a home office like this one

Invest In A Comfortable Chair

One of the most important assets of your new home office is a comfortable chair. In fact, your office chair will be your best investment! Since you could be spending a lot of time at your desk, it is essential not to sacrifice the comfort of your chair for a good bargain, nor the fact that it is pretty to look at. For the ultimate comfort at your office desk, you need to consider your height. If you are tall, you may find it difficult to sit on a chair with short legs for a prolonged period of time, and if you are short, we suggest steering clear of high-stool type chairs, no matter how much it matches the room’s aesthetic!

Choose A Colour You Love

Choosing a colour you love for your ideal home office is first mission, and the ultimate one. After all, the colour of your home office can determine whether your office is the perfect home office or just a room in the house with a table, chair and computer. To become the most productive, you should paint your office blue, but if you’re a designer you should paint it yellow to stimulate optimism. Alternatively, if you work in an environment where a strong sense of balance is key, green might be the best colour for you!

home office
One of the most important assets of your new home office is a comfortable chair

A Home Office With A View

The next step to designing the ideal office in your home is to position your desk and chair with a view – and we don’t mean the view of the papers piling up next to you lingering in the corner of your eye, nor do we mean your realistic aquatic desktop background. Whilst this entirely depends on your home office space, we suggest positioning your desk in front of a window or a pretty picture above your desk for maximum productivity.

Homely Accessories

Just because you’re designing the ideal home office doesn’t mean your cant incorporate homely accessories into the mix, when, in fact, you home office is the perfect room to do exactly that. Fluffy cushions, shaggy rugs and picture frames are the perfect way to make your home office feel like much less of an office, but more of a room in your home. Why not buy some funky office stationery and desk supplies to make it hard to step away from your desk at the end of the day. After all, who doesn’t enjoy using a new ballpoint pen, notebook and highlighter?