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How to enhance your home with upgraded lighting

By Adrianna Johns  |  September 15, 2020

Many people regularly overlook the importance of good lighting, and as the winter months are just around the corner, the seasonal changes are slowly starting to remind us of the few changes that could spruce up our homes for the months ahead.

Not only do the darker evenings make the spaces in our homes seem tiresome and poorly lit, but it also tends to affect our energy and mood. Good lighting is essential, as it sets the ambience and can help redefine spaces in the home.

However, if you need more guidance, we have several tips to advise you on how to improve your lighting to ultimately enhance your home. Thankfully, Hilton Electrical – one of the top-rated electricians in Perth – have aided us on our research by listing several top trends and ideas to look out for this year.

Consider the space

If your kitchen is looking a little dull and your bedroom is lacking atmosphere, then a simple solution is to invest in some new light fixtures. A common mistake that people tend to make is to feature lights that are not appropriate for their space. So always remember to consider the space that you wish to light.

According to Hilton Electrical, there are three types of lighting – task, ambient and accent. Ambient lighting is perfect for rooms where relaxation and entertaining is the aim — think dining and living room and bedrooms.

To achieve the perfect blend of design & functionality, you’ll want to ensure that you include a combination of lighting sources throughout your kitchen

Task lighting is perfect for those areas in the home that is used for function, such as the kitchen or study, therefore there needs to be bright lighting to allow you to stay safe and productive. Accent lighting focuses light on a specific area or object, therefore drawing attention towards it — perfect for creating visual interest in your room.

For example, you could use a pendant light to bring focus above a table, worktop or island unit. Pendant lights are useful for creating more light without becoming a focal point of the room — a general tip is to hang one larger pendant above dining tables that seat six or less and three smaller pendants above tables that sit more than six people.

LED could be the solution

LED is quickly becoming a popular alternative, as this high-quality option can provide plenty of light whilst being more energy-efficient. When compared to traditional lighting solutions, LEDs certainly have a longer lifespan, as the average LED lasts approximately 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours — more than 40 times longer than an average incandescent bulb.

With a greater colour rendering index and improved safety, LEDs are undoubtedly an excellent option when considering new lighting for your home.

Use multiple light sources

Having a variety of light sources will help ensure that you have a good mix of mood, task and decorative lighting working throughout your home. Using different categories of lighting will help bring your interiors to life by simply creating the illusion of dimensions.

Functional, practical and decorative, layering your light sources will help emphasise specific areas, creating a beautiful and inviting atmosphere. Knowing the different categories of light — task, accent and ambience — will help guide you to further understanding the right way to layering light.

Outdoor lights look nice and improve security

Once you’ve decided on the layers that you’ll need in your space and installed them, you could invest in a control device to easily switch your lights on and dim them when necessary. Similarly, we recommend investing in a variety of lamps as they can be easily used to provide all three kinds of light. You’ll find lamps particularly useful, as they can be perfect for providing ambience, task and even accent lighting when positioned correctly.

Smart outdoor lighting

Whilst you may solely be thinking about updating your indoor lighting, we urge you to remember the exterior of your home, as this makes a great impression on passers-by and guests.

Choosing exterior lighting, such as motion sensors can be an effective way of knowing when a guest is arriving and keeping your home secure, as well as helping you see better in the dark.

By installing smart outdoor lights, you’ll be giving your outside area a lovely focus, drawing attention to your home’s beautiful exterior. This is also an excellent way to highlight any specific areas of your garden that you may be proud of. We recommend choosing a warm white tone for your light, as this will create a lovely cosy ambience — ideal for autumn and the winter months ahead.