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How to reduce stress whilst building your dream home

Building your dream home is a wonderful experience where you can look forward to crossing the threshold into a property designed to be truly yours. However, it can also be a time consuming, costly and stressful experience as you plan to get every aspect just right.

If you’ve purchased a property and have plans to renovate, or are in the process of building a property whilst your old home is sold, you can take steps to reduce stress and make yourself and your family more comfortable during the transition.

We spoke to Sussex-based Roundstone Caravans for advice on the best ways to secure temporary accommodation and maintain your quality of life during long-term housing projects.

A holiday home can be the perfect solution and one that keeps you in control of your living situation

Maintain your independence
During a time of change when you find yourself in need of temporary accommodation, a holiday home can be the perfect solution and one that keeps you in control of your living situation. As an alternative to hotels or rented accommodation, you won’t have curfews at a reception or guests in adjacent rooms who may be noisy. In short, you can ensure a level of normality in your day to day life.

With a holiday home can you will have the luxury of having your own kitchen, private lounge, bedrooms with en-suites and the freedom to customise with your own personal items, meaning you’ll always feel at home. Having the same functionality to cook and all that space to relax in private are key components to reducing stress and maintaining your routine. Once settled, you’re also free to host guests and catch-up with family and friends in a welcoming environment.

Enjoy state of the art luxury
In the past there may have been a perception that holiday homes as temporary accommodation couldn’t offer the comfort and luxury of a hotel or rented accommodation, but with the huge variety of modern holiday homes available, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Modern holiday homes are fully-functioning with central heating, double glazing, fridge/freezers, state of the art kitchen spaces, ensuites and stylish soft-furnishings.

These days the choice of holiday homes is almost endless so you will be able to pick a model that is a perfect match for your requirements. If you have a young family, you can opt for several rooms and if you’ll be working from home, an office space can be organised to suit your needs. In essence, your accommodation should match the quality and functionality of your traditional home so you are able to minimise disruption to your everyday life.

These days the choice of holiday homes is almost endless so you will be able to pick a model that is a perfect match for your requirements

One Stop Shop and Stick to your budget
The best way to find the right temporary accommodation is to visit a showground and get a good look inside various models on display and discuss your requirements. We will be able to offer advice and a quote to fully site the holiday home where you need it. In addition to the flexibility of holiday homes over hotels, they’re a fantastic option to help you stick to your budget and ensure your funds are invested in your dream home project. With the money it’s possible to save, you can treat yourself to days out or dinner dates; down time during renovations is important to keep you relaxed and healthy during a potentially stressful period.

Once you’re ready to move into your completed build, it’s possible to sell your holiday home back to Roundstone Caravans, providing you additional cash flow for any further work you undertake when you’re moved in and focused on the finer details. We will make it easy for you by coming and collecting the holiday home for you.

Choosing where to stay during a renovation project or self-build work is an important decision and can help you reduce stress whilst your dream home is being prepared. You may want to stay nearby to oversee the project, whilst maintaining your independence and quality of life. With the dedicated team at Roundstone Caravans, you can discuss your requirements and get the best help in finding temporary accommodation that’s right for you, anytime of the year.