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How to take your bathroom from drab to fab in 5 simple steps

By LLM Reporters  |  March 19, 2020

The bathroom was once a room of pure function and was designed to look as such – clean, plain and inoffensive. In recent years, however, people have started expecting more from this room with a trend towards luxury bathrooms, which favour style and opulence. A surprisingly inviting space that you actually enjoy spending an hour in luxuriating in the bathtub that’s decorating with the same level of love and care that you would give any other room in the house.

But when does a bathroom make that transition and become more than just a functional room? If you’re looking for ideas on how to have a bathroom guests will surely envy then we’ve shortlisted our five favourite features to install to take your bathroom from sufficient to stunning.

Freestanding bath

There are few bathroom features that speak of luxury and decadence quite like a freestanding bath. The classic design of an ornate, bronze boat with delicate curved edges will really make your bathroom feel like it belongs on the upper decks of the Titanic, whereas a more modern design can give you a more comfortable, contemporary look. Deep slipper baths, for example, only have one raised end and offer incredible support and comfort, they look incredible too and generally come in a wide variety of materials.

There are few bathroom features that speak of luxury and decadence quite like a freestanding bath

Rainfall shower

Step into the bathroom at any top-tier hotel in the world and the first thing you’ll probably notice is the shower. Rainfall showers are a delight to use, making you feel like you’re getting the best wash of your life from the soothing heavy drops of water splashing down upon you. To give your bathroom an extra spot of luxury and to recreate the hotel bathroom feel, The Bathroom Showroom has hundreds of styles available for all budgets and all tastes.

Wet room or water space?

Wet rooms have always traditionally been seen as alternatives to traditional bathrooms with a tub, but the latest trend of water spaces represent something of a middle ground between the two. Water spaces offer a hotel-like experience allowing for a bath and shower to occupy the same space – perfect if you have a compact bathroom but would still like the best of both worlds. They will often include luxury features such as underfloor heating, wall-mounted furniture, concealed taps and other space-saving features.

With a double sink feature we are really talking luxury


Bathroom wallpaper hasn’t exactly had the best reputation to date, but the wallpapers of today are, not only, much more durable but there are more subtle and aesthetically pleasing styles on the market today than the old-fashioned designs of the past. Made for bathrooms in mind and in a variety of styles, patterns and shades, consider bucking the tiled trend and add a little flair to your walls, it will offer a good talking point too.

Double sinks

With a double sink feature we are really talking luxury. If you and your other half spend every morning fighting over the same sink space, then the idea of twin sinks probably sounds like heaven to you anyway. Double sink vanity units have become more available in recent years, not just limited to upscale hotels, so why not treat yourself and add a little extravagance? The sinks don’t need to be traditional white porcelain, you could opt for a more ornate ceramic design or a stone basin in a wide range of styles. Indeed, expect to see more unique focal point sinks making a mark on luxury bathrooms in 2020 and beyond.