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How to take your swimming pool from lacklustre to luxurious

By LLM Reporters  |  September 16, 2020

When you stand in the grounds of your home gazing out onto your garden, you want to feel like it’s a true oasis, a welcoming spot for you to rest and entertain, and certainly not an uninviting mess.

Similar to most areas of life, a beautiful garden, whether sleek and minimalist or full and blooming, takes upkeep and this couldn’t be truer of your swimming pool and the area surrounding it.

Perhaps you’ve moved into a new home and the pool was a big selling point for you but on closer inspection you find that it’s looking more lacklustre than luxurious, more shabby than chic, or maybe you’ve been pondering for a while about how you can inject a little glamour into the area. You certainly don’t have to worry as there are plenty of ways to transform a tired looking pool into a top-notch retreat and we’ve teamed up with the experts at Perth Pool Co. to show you how.

A clean, well-looked after pool will be oh-so inviting in your garden

Get your pool resurfaced to ensure it lasts

An ageing pool can be brought back to life with a little care and attention by swimming pool resurfacing specialists. Whether it’s a concrete or fibreglass pool you have, fear not as a reputable company will be able to handle whatever repair or resurfacing needs you may have. Resurfacing helps to ensure the pool isn’t leaking and is a quick and easy way to improve the aesthetic, while there are a range of styles to choose from to ensure you get the look you want. Pool resurfacing can allow you to change out the texture of the pool, as well, so it is slip-resistant and comfortable for those who are using it.

Create a stunning surrounding area

Now that you’ve resurfaced your pool, it’s only fitting to brighten up the surrounding area to complete the look. Whether you are looking to switch out old paving slabs, introduce a deck area or create a whole new walkway complete with solar powered lights to lead the way, you can find creative ways to add style to your poolside. Add in some small shrubs and tropical trees nearby as well as some top of the range garden furniture and you will never want to leave.

swimming pool
Creating a stunning surround for your pool will add the wow factor

Consider a retractable roof

There’s nothing quite like swimming in the open air but, depending on where you live, this may not always be so simple. If you reside in a rainy region then consider installing a retractable roof so you can enjoy your sparkling pool during all weathers. Fully embracing the best of both worlds, these wonderful contraptions allow you to soak up the sun’s rays in summer and enjoy atmospheric swims in wetter months. Perfect.

Make your swimming pool more eco-friendly

As homeowners, we are always looking for ways to ensure our homes are more eco-friendly and the swimming pool is another way in which you can achieve this. Keeping pool water clean by treating it with chemicals helps to keep it clean and free of algae, but these chemicals can also be harmful to the environment. It is crucial to use eco friendly water treatments to solving common problems with pools such as hard water and corrosion in pipes whilst reducing the damage to the environment.

Day to day care

Now that the bigger jobs are over, it’s important to consider the day to day care of your pool. Whether these are simpler jobs such as making sure you cover it at the end of each day to ensuring you have the right levels of chemicals in there, it will certainly make your waterside retreat last much longer, giving you more hours to make the most of this fabulous amenity at your home.