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How to transform your bedroom into a luxury 5-star hotel room

By Adrianna Johns on 10th October 2019

Whether it is the clutter-free decor, freshly laundered sheets, neutral colour schemes or the extremely comfortable mattresses, staying at a luxury hotel is a blissful experience and one that we all wish we could have in our homes.

We typically associate luxury hotel accommodation with extreme comfort and exclusive luxuries, however, you could easily recreate the same experience in your home, so that every night is an opulent one.

With just a few simple changes, your bedroom could go from regular to palatial in no time and will offer the exquisite experience that you enjoy when you stay in 5-star hotel accommodation — all you need to do is to follow our tips and disregard your worries towards potential expenses.

The bed

Whenever you stay at a luxury hotel, the very heart of the room will be the bed itself

Whenever you stay at a luxury hotel, the very heart of the room will be the bed itself. Typically, these exquisite hotel rooms have a full-size bed where guests can have all the space they need whilst receiving the comfort they desire.

Therefore, the first element you need to upgrade is your bed — we recommend investing in a memory foam mattress, as it offers a heightened sense of comfort and softness that one needs for a restful sleep.

Typically, luxury hotel beds will be layered with fitted sheets and a comforter. When trying to pick the sheets for your luxury transformation, ensure that you focus on a higher thread count, as it will make for a truly deluxe feel for your bed.

The comforter is an essential element that will enhance the space and will instantly give your bed the classically opulent look that it deserves — you ultimately decide how thick and plush you would want your comforter to be, and choose wisely, as you wouldn’t want to get too warm when trying to sleep.

A luxury bed needs luxury pillows, so simply choose goose down, along with some exquisitely soft silk covers and you’ll be on your way to achieving your own luxury hotel-style bedroom. If, however, your neck needs more support, invest in a contoured memory foam pillow. These are regarded as the best pillows for sleep apnea as well as for those who snore, suffer with scoliosis, and have many other health issues.

The lighting

A luxury hotel room will usually have the perfect lighting. Image credit: Vanbrugh House Hotel in Oxford

A luxury hotel room will usually have the perfect lighting, therefore you need to ensure that you also have the right lights.

A luxury room should offer several sources of light, as well as an option to enhance or dim so that you can control the mood of the room easily and without hassle.

Consider a three-way switch by your bedside, a closet light that can activate whenever you open the door and sufficient light overhead when you need it — hire a professional to come in and instal dimming controls, as this option will enhance the level of opulence your room has.

The colour palette

The first element to consider when decorating is the colour scheme you will be introducing to your room. Image credit: Poets House Hotel, Ely in Cambridgeshire

The first element to consider when decorating is the colour scheme you will be introducing to your room.

Colours can have a wide effect on your mind and mood, therefore choosing the correct colour is essential for a successful transformation. Considering that the bedroom is traditionally a space for rest and recuperation, we recommend that you choose softer colours and aim for neutral tones.

White tones showcase cleanliness and minimalism, brown shades bring forth a sense of comfort and security, whilst grey hues tones represent neutrality and balance — you’ll find that the majority of luxury hotel rooms will have softer tones to calm the mind and help relax.

The decorations

Crafted with an emphasis on the detail, luxury hotel rooms typically have fantastic decor. Image credit: Gisborough Hall in Guisborough

Crafted with an emphasis on the detail, luxury hotel rooms typically have fantastic decor.

The key is to put some thought into the overall look you wish for, whilst remembering that when decorating you should make it a reflection of yourself, as this is truly an important element when successfully transforming your room.

Regardless of the style, remember to accentuate anything that is wonderful about the room — does your room have charming windows, beautiful flooring or an impressive ceiling height? If so, draw attention to it.

Accentuating your flooring is key and you can easily do this by placing an exquisite rug by your bed or window. With so many rugs for sale, you can easily find one that will catch your eye and fit perfectly in your newly transformed luxury bedroom.

If you have space, then consider having a seating area by placing an armchair near the window so that you have options on where to relax. Alternatively, why not add a dressing table where you can neatly place a few of your luxury items, ready for you to use when you’re preparing for a day out.

The tidiness

Park View Teal room
Keep your room spotless like this Park View room at The Athenaeum

One element that stands out above all within a luxury hotel room is the high level of cleanliness and the evident lack of clutter. This, of course, is more difficult to achieve at home because of the amount of belongings you will possess, but if you strive to keep your bedroom tidy at all times, you can certainly succeed in creating a room that you have longed for.

Ensure you purchase enough storage to tidy away your possessions neatly each day so that when you return later that evening it feels exactly like opening the door into a recently refreshed hotel room. Obviously, it is important that any new furniture complements the décor and a top tip is to look for drawer organisers and internal wardrobe storage to maximise any space.

Give belongings a quick tidy away each day and dust-off surfaces, make sure the bed is made with any scatter cushions and blankets firmly in place. Ensure the room is hoovered, windows are opened and mirrors are regularly cleaned to keep the bedroom looking spotless.

There is nothing quite like a clean and tidy room to walk into each day to make you feel satisfied, so keep up the good work by tidying away your belongings, keeping the space clean and you will have truly created your bedroom of dreams.