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Inspiration for beautiful patios and paved outdoor spaces

By LLM Reporters on 9th September 2019

When it comes to creating a beautiful home, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts, and your outdoor space has an equal role to play in achieving that luxury feel. From plants and flowers to beautiful water features, there are lots of ways to add an elegant touch, and a well-manicured lawn and perfectly trimmed hedges will create the first impression you want to.

Sometimes, though, it’s about laying the right foundations first, and often, that starts with installing a patio or paved area to make space for eating, entertaining and socialising with guests, whilst also creating an attractive centrepiece for your garden.

When planning out your patio area, you might have in mind a regular grid of square or rectangular slabs, all the same size and colour. But whilst a paved space is designed to be functional, it certainly doesn’t have to be boring, and experimenting with different colours, textures and laying patterns can make for an interesting and stylish space that adds something to the garden rather than fading into the background.

Add to that some colourful gravels, planting and subtle lighting to create a space that feels alive and blends the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, and you’ll have a statement garden that adds an air of opulence to your home, right from the first glance.

London garden in summer with patio, wooden garden furniture and a parasol or sun umbrella
A little planning goes a long way when it comes to creating the perfect patio

Unsure where to start? We sat down with the experts at Bristol Driveway Services to find out some simple ways to create an outdoor space to be proud of.

Shape and size

When picking out your patio slabs, don’t fall into the trap of assuming you must opt for all the same shape and size. Mixing it up a bit and combining a variation of different tiles can create a unique look that you won’t find in anyone else’s garden, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Rather than a square patio, consider creating a circular or semi-circular space, which can work particularly well when accented with a centrepiece such as a pagoda or a water feature. It’s also nicely complimented by informal planting and lush borders – a departure from the uniform flower beds and tiles of a more regimented home.

Try adding some squaring off stones to create a square paved area with curved details, or use in one or more corners to join a circular paved area to the straight edge of a house wall or path.
Tessellating offset diamond slabs can also work well, combining three different shades to create a stunning visual effect.

Laying gray concrete paving slabs in house courtyard driveway patio. Professional workers bricklayers are installing new tiles or slabs for driveway, sidewalk or patio on leveled
Enrich your outdoor living space for years to come with a patio design that’s well thought out from start to finish


These days, paving slabs come in a huge range of textures that can add interest to even the simplest of outdoor spaces. Smooth and glossy porcelain slabs offer a sleek, sophisticated finish that is just perfect for creating that manicured luxury feel, while natural stone effects can work well with both period properties and more rustic garden spaces.

Simple slate is great for a more understated look that will let other features do the talking, providing a simple yet tastefully chosen accent that will allow your garden greenery to shine.

Unique effects

Looking for something a little bit different? Scandinavian style plan-effect paving slabs can be used to recreate the look of aged floorboards or decking, while carpet stones can make for a quaint cobble surface that oozes olde worlde charm.

Carpet stones can be laid easily, in large sheets containing many cobbles at once – much in the same way that you’d lay a set of larger paving slabs. Grout in a neutral colour to create a more authentic look.

Plank-effect slabs are available in a range of colours and finishes, and are a more durable and low-maintenance choice than real decking.

New modern home features a backyard with covered patio accented with stone fireplace vaulted ceiling with skylights and furnished with gray wicker sofa placed on concrete floor. Northwest USA
A new patio could transform the way you feel about and use your garden

Light it up

Want to make the most of your newly laid patio? Outdoor lighting is a great way to show it off in all its glory after the sun has gone down. For a really stylish effect, try adding integrated lighting into your garden design – post lights are an effective way to achieve this and will add a subtle and atmospheric glow – creating a much nicer ambience for outdoor entertaining than harsher overhead lights.

If you’re looking to keep your energy consumption to a minimum, then opt for solar-powered stake lights instead. They are just as effective and are a greener way to create the look you want.

When designing a luxury garden, don’t overlook the basics – a creatively designed and well-laid patio can elevate your outdoor space in just a few hours, and is the perfect foundation for an impressive garden to be proud of.