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Jules Sturgess Design stuns with bespoke carbon fibre furniture that defies the laws of physics

Up and coming furniture designer Jules Sturgess has come a long way since his days as an art and industrial design student. Now preparing to release an updated collection following the stunning success of his signature range, he is at the very peak of his game, and with a burgeoning design company behind him, this is just the beginning.

Based on the outskirts of Cambridge, the business consists of a design office along with three separate workshops. These are most definitely, as they say, where the magic happens.

The facilities include a clean room facility with curing oven, walk-in materials store and hand-finishing workshop. Jules and his team also have access to extensive metal working facilities, with 3D computer numerically controlled machinery, a walk in, dust-free spray booth and laser marking capabilities – everything required to bring his breath-taking designs to life.

A unique and unusual range that seeks to uncover the hidden potential of carbon fibre, specifically it’s structural properties. Jules’s signature collection is spearheaded by the Marea chaise which encapsulate the idea of the human form in suspension, inspired by the motion of a single brushstroke. The sleek, hand-crafted Marea chaise lounge is undoubtedly the star of the show, it strikes the desired blend of fluid beauty and innate strength in form. It is deceptively strong despite a thickness of just 4mm at its edge.

Marea is built-up of two separate carbon sections, anchored together at the critical strain point by a central hub. When viewed from the side, its rakish profile is almost invisible – taking the traditional form of the chaise lounge to a cantilevered extreme from both a functional and an aesthetic stand point. Simple yet impactful, it is a taste of what is to come.

“Despite its strength, enough flexure has been designed into the laminate to allow the piece to change shape slightly under load,” explains Jules.

“The flex in the chaise makes it a relaxing piece, providing a comforting movement that we might assimilate with a rocking chair. In its most basic form, for some, it might look hard and clinical, but as soon as anyone experiences it then their perception changes. The possibility to customize the chaise with either leather or alcantara upholstery allows the aesthetic to be softened. The beauty of such customisation is that no chaise will ever be the same. Designed to match the surroundings in which it will be, this simply shaped chaise becomes a personal statement and far from clinical.”

The signature collection boasts many a popular piece, and its Poleiro bar stools have been another huge success. A statement of perfect proportion and design minimalism, the Poleiro once again offers a simple yet pleasing silhouette from all angles. Thanks to its all carbon fibre prepreg construction that allows thin sections that seem to almost defy physics for a truly dramatic aesthetic.

As well as offering up some truly stunning designs, Jules provides a full customisation service, ensuring that each and every set of stools is entirely unique, complementing individual tastes and perfectly balancing their settings. From the colour and finish of the carbon surfaces to the range of different styles and materials of trim, every aspect is customizable. It’s this attention to detail, coupled with an excellent level of customer service that makes Jules Sturgess Design the success that it is today.

Following the establishment of the brand through its signature collection, Jules has now begun to focus on a wider product range, adding smaller items such as a beautiful gold leaf standing lamp and a carbon moulded clock over the coming months. An exciting time for this intriguing designer, we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Currently, the Poleiro bar stools are available in Nicholas Anthony stores with a further list of retailers found on the Jules Sturgess website. Basic prices below:

Marea Chaise: £14,000 + VAT
Poleiro Bar Stool: £2,500 + VAT
Amaca Chair: £12,500 + VAT
Monolito Table: £29,000 + VAT