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Kitchen design inspiration guide for 2021, from the experts at Krantz Designs

Is your kitchen in need of an overhaul? Redo your kitchen in style with Krantz Designs’ latest inspiring ideas.

By LLM Reporters  |  October 7, 2021
luxury kitchen design

The beauty of a bespoke kitchen design is that each one is completely unique to the home and the owner. Bespoke kitchens provide homeowners with the ability to be their own designer, where no detail is off limits. In this guide, luxury, bespoke kitchen design company, Krantz Designs, offer their insights, advice and inspiration for your big renovation.

Your inspiration for 2021/2022

Now, more than ever, kitchens have become a safe haven for homeowners. Over the years a kitchen has become the centre of the home, whether you are simply spending more time there exploring your culinary efforts or hoping to host friends and family. Having a kitchen space that complements your home’s aesthetic is incredibly important.

At Krantz Designs, we pride ourselves on our beautiful bespoke kitchen projects. Below we are going to take you through just some of our chosen, favourite kitchen designs.

Country charm

country kitchen

How can we not begin with a stunning, country style design? The beauty of bespoke kitchens is that you can incorporate your own level of modernity to the traditional charm.

Country kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, no matter the location or style of the home and it is simple to see why. From original oak beaming, to bold colour options, during the design phase of this traditional country kitchen we worked closely to explore a range of colour options.

With many traditional kitchen designs, you have no limitation on your colour choice. But lighter colour options in particular worked to help complement the light flowing through the room. If you are looking to try and make your kitchen space appear larger in size, we love working with lighter colour options, which can be contrasted with darker colour worktops if you do want to add darker tones into your kitchen designs.

Traditional, with a contemporary twist

Traditional kitchen, with a contemporary twist

With a seamless open plan layout, this kitchen design worked hand in hand to offer both a traditional and contemporary design. If you do want to explore darker colour options for your kitchen, consider different styles and designs that will work together to complement your space.

This kitchen was all about blending the lines between traditional and modern styling. Thankfully as a bespoke kitchen it allowed us full autonomy to match the design with the client’s desires. In order to make the most of the space that the client had available, we explored integrated storage and appliances, creating a seamless appearance.

We strongly recommend integrated storage for any kitchen type, as not only does it help amplify your kitchen space, it is handy in the future when you are storing all of your items, wine especially.


Traditional kitchen design

Traditional means different things to different people. In a sentence, to us, it refers to creating a timeless kitchen design; designing the perfect space for years to come.

From colour considerations to unique door styles, adding depth and texture to your kitchen is essential for a full traditional look and feel to your kitchen. Wood engraving is a fantastic option as not only does it allow you to incorporate your own traditional styling, it adds a final aesthetic that is bespoke to your home.

Within this particular traditional kitchen design project, we incorporated storage solutions that were tucked away when not in use to keep the focus on the traditional detailing. If your kitchen space does have limitations, merging and integrating options can work harmoniously. One of our favourite elements of this project is how we integrated the banquette sitting area that was also a part of the central island. Fusing the lines between hosting space and preparation.

Modern and minimalist

Modern and minimalist kitchen design

In terms of modern kitchen design, many like to keep a simplistic approach to the overall design and materiality. When choosing the ideal modern kitchen design, specifically focusing on the fusion of materials and colours can be the two main contributing factors to creating a beautifully bespoke kitchen.

A highly popular choice for modern kitchen owners is to also feature a range of integrated and innovative storage options that work with the kitchen’s space that are hidden away when not in use, to emphasise the minimalist design the kitchen has to offer.

During the Eastgate project, we created a dream kitchen for the client, who loved to host and create unique recipes. It has simple yet effective cooking, preparation, organisation and hosting spaces.


Futuristic kitchen design

From modern, to futuristic. Futuristic kitchen designs are on the rise as innovative technology and design continues to innovate the industry. From hidden storage cabinets to drawers with built-in charging ports, our Selby project echoed the future of kitchen design, and will definitely be on the rise with the requirements homeowners are looking for.

Choosing your dream kitchen design has never been easier. Bespoke kitchen options allow you to create your own timeless kitchen space that can incorporate your own style elements.

About Krantz Designs

Founded in 2004, Krantz Designs is built on a reputation for excellence, commitment and passion.

The Krantz Designs team works exclusively with customers to develop concepts for each individual project, alongside their significant expertise provided by their leading designers and carpenters.

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