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Kitchens taking the centre stage at Christmas: The best kitchen designs for family entertaining

By LLM Reporters  |  November 19, 2020
Image Credit: Laura Rupolo

Whether the rule of six is still in place or not by the time Christmas rolls around, the majority of us will be spending the festive season with our loved ones, in the safety and security of home. In 2020, entertaining isn’t just about cooking the turkey and plating up the mince pies, but about creating a relaxing and magical ambience and a festive period to remember.

The kitchen is the heart of all of this activity, and undoubtedly the heart of the home, not just from Christmas Eve through to New Year but all year round. If your kitchen has seen better days and the layout is just no longer working for you and your family, here’s some guidance from Will Lyne, owner of bespoke kitchen and furniture company, Christopher Peters, on the best kitchen design elements for family entertaining.

The kitchen is the heart of any home

Come one, come all

Whilst you may want to wow your mother-in-law with a formal Christmas lunch experience in your traditional dining room, drinks and nibbles with friends in your kitchen will create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Make the most of the square footage in your kitchen by including an informal dining area. If you already have a separate dining room but the size of your kitchen allows for additional dining space, add a farmhouse-style kitchen table or a nook with a bistro table and cosy seating. Maximise on awkward corners in your kitchen by speaking with a quality furniture designer about bespoke fitted dining options – many of which will incorporate storage solutions into the design.

Pull up a chair

Have you ever considered adding a family room set-up to your kitchen space? Again, if you’re blessed with a large kitchen, revisit the layout and allocate a few square metres for a wall mounted television, stylish storage and a cosy sofa. This will double as additional seating for any welcome guests and a place for them to enjoy a glass of bubbly whilst you put the finishing touches to your culinary masterpiece.

Installing a kitchen island is a great way to create a hub of activity for all of your guests. Image credit: Laura Rupolo

Work and play

Establish separate zones in your kitchen by adding stations to the main working areas. With modern, family life taking over all aspects of the home, the majority of our clients have asked us to incorporate specific zones, like pantries, coffee stations and bars, into their kitchen design. Utilising every inch of space within each area maximises efficiency and limits the opportunity for unsightly clutter.

In other, less practical areas of the kitchen, display some of your most loved glassware or crockery and go to town with the festive decorations. Guests are then able to help themselves to fresh glasses or plates without having to interrupt you, the host.

Island invitation

Installing a kitchen island is a great way to create a hub of activity for all of your guests. The best hosts are those who bring their guests together whilst also offering quieter spaces for more private conversations; the kitchen island is naturally the place where people will regroup. You can use this space to light up your favourite festive candle, plate up nibbles or even pop a few bottles of bubbly, for a makeshift bar. Our kitchen island designs often include all manner of storage solutions and integrated appliances, to maximise the available space.

Whatever space you have to work with, the best way to update your kitchen design is to revisit the layout. Whether you’re a seasoned entertainer or just a seasonal entertainer, this will unlock the potential in your kitchen for years to come.