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Latest luxury bedroom interior trends

Think you can only get that luxury experience in a five-star hotel? Well, it’s time to think again. The latest bedroom interior trends will have your private space transformed into the opulent haven you’ve always dreamed of in no time.

The key to success? Simplicity; think simple, clean lines and plenty of empty floor space – and absolutely zero clutter.

It is often said that trends change, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see it isn’t necessarily the case. Many luxury bedroom interior trends develop gradually over time, evolving slowly but surely into something quite different from the original concept.

Consider Nordic or Scandinavian interior design, for example. This style has developed from the concept of natural unadorned wood with simple rustic lines to a cleaner and more luxurious style featuring whites, metals and formed plastics – and is just one of the many examples of how modern luxury bedroom décor and furniture have developed from original concepts.

Scandinavian interior design has developed from the concept of natural unadorned wood with simple rustic lines to a cleaner and more luxurious style featuring whites, metals and formed plastics

Modern bedrooms have been trending towards whites and greys in recent years, with the introduction of bright accessories such as colourful cushions, art or flowers providing a splash of colour in an otherwise muted room.

Many people may find pure white a little overwhelming, and these simple touches are a great way to break things up a bit and add interest to the room.

Colours for 2019

Of course, not everybody likes the blandness of this modernist style, and in 2019, grey is expected to finally bow out after several years in favour. Dulux and the Pantone Color Institute have each announced their top colours for the year, and over the next few months, we can expect to see a lot of Spiced Honey and Living Coral respectively gracing luxury interiors to lust after.

From fabrics and rugs to pillows and wall coverings, these beautiful, warm shades promise to add life to otherwise plain bedrooms. Whether or not they will replace the simplicity of white and greys remains to be seen, but they have already started to make a splash. Mustard is a yellower version of spiced honey and is also becoming increasingly popular. Currently, colour tends to be introduced in the form of art hung on plain walls, colourful throws or individual items of furniture – and there is no reason to believe that this will change any time soon.

Crowned as Pantone’s latest It colour, Living Coral is already making moves in the interior design world, emerging as a cheerful and versatile hue that adds personality to all parts of the home

Accents and Statement Pieces

In general, 2019 is set to be a year of colour – and much more so than we have seen so far this decade. Many bedroom designers are expected to focus more on accent and statement pieces, with the traditional Scandinavian look likely to remain in luxury bedroom interior décor. Even so, hanging light fittings such as chandeliers, and soft furnishings including well-filled throw pillows, are also likely to make a come-back – perfect for adding that air of opulence to an otherwise pared down room.

Luxury Furnishings

In addition to the use of color and wood, bedroom trends will likely focus on standing furniture only. Well-designed vanities will store all your cosmetics and nightstands that hide clutter may be the only pieces you opt for, keeping the bedroom floor otherwise empty; after all, you will not find a cluttered floor in a luxury bedroom.

Wardrobes and armoires will be built in to make the best use of wall space, while pot plants and other greenery can be used to upgrade an ordinary bedroom into a luxurious one.

Statement pieces can transform a plain bedroom, whether in the form of stunning items of furniture or striking, bold colours. It may only take one eye-catching piece to transform a bedroom from the ordinary to the outstanding; gilded pieces a luxury buttoned armchair in red or gold velvet will draw the eye and create an impactful look. You only need one dazzling item to focus the eye of whoever enters the room – as long as you remember, once again, to keep the floor area as clear as possible and avoid clutter. A few flowers, ferns or pot plants may also improve the look of your bedroom, making for a chic and restful space you’ll look forward to returning to each day.

A statement wardrobe can really help to transform a plain bedroom

The finishing touches

The latest luxury bedroom interior trends are a departure from the muted colours of seasons gone by, but whites, greys and biscuits won’t be going anywhere soon – they are simply being spruced up with a dash of colour, making for lighter, brighter and more sophisticated spaces all round.

When creating a luxurious living space, the primary purpose of the bedroom should not be forgotten, and the latest luxury bedroom interiors certainly do not sacrifice comfort. It is possible to create a peaceful and tranquil sleeping environment using modern interior design and suitable lighting; dimmer switches are always a good idea for bedrooms, and are the perfect way to create some atmosphere in the evening.

Of course, few things are quite as important as your choice of bed – after all, what’s a luxury interior without a good and restful night’s sleep? In fact, the mattress is more important than the bed itself, with modern offerings are trending towards memory foam and proprietary foams designed to keep you cool at night.

If you splurge on one piece for your luxury bedroom, then make it this – but don’t forget to accessorise with that Spiced Honey headboard or a few Living Coral cushions for a space that will be the envy of all your visitors in 2019.