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Lighting we love: The top trends for 2021

By LLM Reporters  |  February 11, 2021
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There are many factors that demand consideration when one looks to create a stylish and glamorous abode, and one of the most artistic and useful aspects has to be the lighting. Sometimes underestimated when it comes to the overall impact it can create, many don’t realise the full potential that artful illuminations can bring. Not just simply there to light up a space, the right lighting can create a welcoming ambience and add something special to your interiors to make an all-round stylish home.

Three types of lighting

There are three types of lighting that are used within the home that provide differing functions, and for a successful design, each room should include all three. Ambient or general lighting provides an overall glow to ensure your room is lit up enough for you to be able to move around with ease, and usually comes from overhead fixtures.

The right lighting can create a welcoming ambience and add something special to your interiors to make an all-round stylish home

Accent lighting is used for creating a focal point, so your attention is drawn to whatever it is you are looking to highlight. This can be a spectacular piece of artwork, a unique design element, ornaments, books, and the like. This is in addition to ambient lighting and the glow is typically sourced from wall mounted fixtures or tracks with the glow sitting above the focal element.

Task lighting is there to help you focus your attention on whatever activity you are partaking in by providing a healthy glow to reduce eye strain. Whether this is a floor lamp next to your favourite armchair so that you can read a book clearly or pendant lighting above a kitchen island to aid you in preparing a delicious meal, the need for well positioned illuminations is key here.

Trends for 2021

Now that you understand the basics of lighting your home, you can seek out the best options for your tastes. With a world brimming with designers creating an array of lighting features to suit any budget and style, you are spoiled for choice. However, if you’re keen to narrow down the search slightly, read on for some of the top trends we will seeing around luxury homes this year.

With a world brimming with designers creating an array of lighting features to suit any budget and style, you are spoiled for choice

Smart LED lighting

LED (Light emitting diodes) lighting has fast become the go to choice due to the reduced impact on the environment, the efficiency and longevity of bulbs, and their ability to pair with a range of smart options throughout the home. The future is here and it’s predominantly hands-free with smart devices such as the Amazon Alexa providing the ability to not only play music, but be in control of our lighting functions too, providing you’re equipped with Alexa light bulbs.

Of course, this isn’t the only function of an LED bulb, just take a look at the range of options to be found on and you’ll see that your entire home and garden, along with a range of accessories can be lit up with these energy-efficient delights.

Stylish home office options

With the need for at-home working severely increased over the last year, homes everywhere are seeing renovations made to incorporate a more permanent home office space, as this new trend may be longer lasting than we first imagined. Whether it’s a converted spare room, loft, or an outdoor structure you have created, our home offices need the right lighting for efficient working. Sufficient ambient lighting for those dreary winter days is essential, as is task lighting, of course, so that all focus can be directed towards the work at hand. Forego buzzing fluorescent offerings and create a functional space that brings you a little comfort too.

The pared back style works well with pendant bulb lighting

Design-led statement lighting

For the fashionistas of the interior world, design-led lighting features are the must-have tools in their chic abodes. Opt for something that makes an impact, a big, bold centrepiece that creates a talking point for the room, and something that suits your style down to the ground, such as a large chandelier. If you’re looking to incorporate statement lighting into a newly refurbished room then choose this first, it will provide a great source of inspiration when choosing design elements for the rest of the room.

The bare look

Increasingly in popularity, but nowhere its peak, is the bare bulb trend. The perfect complement to any minimalist design scheme such as the Japandi look, which blends the interior styles of both Scandinavia and Japan to create a sleek, clean vibe. Black framed partitions, windows and mirrors blend with pale wood and white for a pared back but super trendy interior. Use pendants with oversized bulbs or plain frames and shades where the bulb can be seen to complete the look.