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Luxury décor trends for 2017

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If you’re keen to get to grips with this year’s home décor trends, then you’ll love some of the fresh ideas that are emerging from designers across the globe. Luxurious looks are at the heart of the most popular themes, and if you follow a few simple design elements, then you can easily introduce these gorgeous décor ideas into your own home to great effect. Take the time to understand the broader themes first, then focus on what you admire and like best.

Colour of the Year

Annually, Pantone declares its Colour of the Year, and 2017 is no exception. This year, the colour that has made the grade is Greenery, an interesting blend of green with yellow tones (for those of you who want to dash immediately to the Pantone official colour chart, it is number 15-0343).

Greenery represents the beauty of nature, and featuring in your home adds restful, relaxing notes that are reminiscent of lush meadows in the springtime. Pantone has more than obliged by producing a short video with ideas about how you can use Greenery to get the zesty, fresh look of the great outdoors.


Walls and floors

Bearing in mind the natural touches that are part of this year’s luxurious look, you might want to consider wallpaper with botanical or nature-related themes. For example, designer Christian Lacroix has produced a fabulous butterfly pattern that makes a statement in any room and needs not be confined to your children’s play area.

Using a variety of shades of revitalising green throughout your home works well on feature walls, rugs, scatter cushions and throws. Team this eye-catching element with more earthy colours, including terracotta and neutral shades, to enhance the effect.

Both cork and terracotta tiling have become increasingly popular for flooring, and there’s no doubt that they give a warm, luxurious feel when underfoot. They are also wonderful when incorporated into fireplace surrounds and accent walls; this is particularly the case with cork, as it absorbs sound.

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On-trend fixtures and fittings

Mixed metals are adding to the prestigious interiors of luxury homes, including vintage brass fixtures such as chandeliers, wall sconces and lamps. Magical combinations include metallic gold and matte gold as well as chrome, silver and highly polished nickel.

Streamlined finishes are also important, and there’s no place for fussy, voluminous curtains. Instead, opt for the clean lines and elegance of window shutters. The classic window shutter designs available are timeless and can be made to measure to fit your windows exactly, even if they are an unconventional shape.

Fabulous furniture

Upholstery shades are featuring earthy elements this year, and among the favourite textiles are sofas covered in linen. Somewhat surprisingly, designers are matching these with chairs upholstered in jewel-bright colours, including blue (Lapis Blue) and orange (Flame). Often, these are covered in velvet or highly textured cotton fabrics.

In luxury homes in 2017, you will find inspiring examples of how mixed patterns have made a comeback, especially when it comes to furnishings and bed linen. If you remember your grandmother’s patchwork quilt, or if you love the look of old-fashioned American comforters, then you’ll relate to this look immediately. You’ll find that you can easily anchor a multi-coloured accessory by using neutral shades as background so that your room doesn’t look too “busy.”



Although clutter is still a no-no, when you want to add interest to your home, there are a few tasteful items that work well with most interiors. As green is the shade of the moment, you can happily display pot plants and herbs in strategic places. Artwork is always a unique talking point if you are passionate about your sculptures, crafted items or paintings, handmade ceramics or glassware. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with a piece that you absolutely love.

Staying with the “back to nature” theme, raw materials and unvarnished artefacts fit very well with natural textiles such as terracotta, wood and stone. Off-white is a popular colour choice in this respect, and vases, figurines and organic articles will look stunning in your rooms.

Furbishing follows fashion

If you want to get ahead of the luxury trends, then it pays to keep an eye on the runway during the Fashion Weeks happening across the globe. Often, it’s here that you will first find the fashionable colours and fabrics that become the staples of next year’s trendy luxury home accessories. For example, faux materials are moving from fashion to home décor, and designers are opting for alternatives to natural fabrics because they can be more hardwearing and have a longer shelf life.