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Luxury design ideas: 4 incredible features to add value to your home

Loft white wall luxury bathroom corner with a wooden floor, a white bathtub, and a double vessel sink. 3d rendering mock up

Maybe you’re thinking of selling your property soon. Or perhaps it’s a thought for later down the line. Either way, it’s a good idea to think carefully about how to increase your house value.

There are dozens of improvements we could suggest. But if your home is already in tip-top shape, then you may as well invest in luxury additions for your pleasure.

Below are four luxury investments to take your home to the next level of comfort, while also appealing to future buyers.

1. Triple glazing

Triple glazing is the latest innovation in window insulation

If you already have window glazing in your home, you may be wondering — “why should I upgrade to triple glazing?” There are many advantages to upgrading your window glazing. New windows offer practical benefits such as added security and saving money on your energy bills. Then there are the luxurious perks, such as extra warmth in winter and a cooler summer environment. New windows can also help you to escape unwanted traffic noise.

Triple glazing takes the U-value of the windows down to around 0.8 — a considerable improvement on even modern double glazing. When selling your house, the essential Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) lets potential buyers know how costly your home will be to light and heat. So, if you want to increase the value of your property before selling up, the earlier you improve this certificate band, the better.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a period-style home, timber sash windows will retain its traditional character, while including all of the glazing advantages listed above.

2. Underfloor heating

Installing a hose for underfloor heating in the room.
Underfloor heating consists of a network of pipes placed under the floor

If you want to enhance a comfortable environment yet embrace a minimalist look, underfloor heating is a great way to keep your home warm. It’s toasty to walk on, distributes heat evenly and frees your walls from radiators, so you can be more flexible when it comes to furniture layout.

This luxury heating system installs pipework into the floor that acts as a radiator, warming the room from the ground up. Underfloor heating help prevent cold spots and draughts. You can also install it below stone, tile, wood or carpeted floors. So your options are not limited.

Underfloor heating can also enhance your home’s selling price as it has a reputation for being a high-end feature that attracts buyers looking for a luxurious property.

3. Waterfall shower

Taking a shower is part of our every-day routine, but there’s no reason why we can’t greatly enjoy it

Taking a shower is part of our every-day routine, but there’s no reason why we can’t greatly enjoy it. Replace your regular fixed shower head with a waterfall shower head for the ultimate in-shower experience. We promise you — it’s worth it! The shower head is mounted in the ceiling to provide a powerful yet relaxing drenching effect as you shower. Some shower heads have a range of settings so that you can select between fine spray or coarse, as well as different pulsation levels for a water massage.

70% of property specialists say a waterfall or power shower will add value to your home as they add a little luxury to your bathroom. It’s a feature that potential buyers keep in mind.

4. Instant boiling water tap

New modern faucet and kitchen room sink closeup with island and granite countertops in model house home apartment
Boiling water taps are an excellent choice for busy, modern kitchens

Many would argue one luxury in life is the option to make a cup of tea instantaneously without waiting for the kettle to boil. You can easily achieve this by installing a boiling water tap. This genius appliance dispenses boiling water with a twist of a valve, so not only do you save time but water waste too.

Furthermore, as well as removing the potential health risks a kettle can present, you can also get rid of those ugly leads on the kitchen worktop. Instant boiling water taps are one of the fastest-growing kitchen accessories today, making them a crucial selling point.

These four features are practical and stylish. They’re not over personalised and so can appeal to a large portion of the luxury property buyer market.