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Luxury dining rooms: How to create a stunning entertaining space

Luxury dining rooms: How to create a stunning entertaining space

A beautiful dining room is a great asset to any home. Jenny Allan, interior designer and founder of JCA Interiors, offers advice on how to create a stunning entertaining space.

A functional and luxurious dining area is perfect for home entertaining at this time of year. Separate dining rooms are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity and are considered an essential in the high-end property market.

When starting a dining room design, consider the space planning and layout, including the physical advantages and disadvantages of the room. Think about the occasions when the room will be used and how many people need to be able to sit around the table. For comfort and functionality there needs to be adequate space either side of a chair between each diner and also behind the back of a pulled out chair.

Proportion and scale are an essential part of effective interior design. Including oversized items such as statement chandeliers, or two high, wing-backed dining chairs at either end of the table can create real drama in a dining room and add to the feeling of grandeur.

When choosing a dining room table first consider the materials that suit the overall interior design, for example beautiful hardwoods with exquisite marquetry for a more classic look or for a more modern approach a black lacquered, high gloss table with metal inlay will look stunning in a contemporary home.

Upholstered, padded chairs are always a great choice for a dining room as they offer comfort as well as style, which is ideal when spending several hours entertaining over the course of an evening. There are two types of dining chairs to consider, carver and standard, with and without arms respectively. Square and round tables will favour either type of chair while rectangular tables may suit a combination of the two, with standard, armless chairs positioned down the length of the table and a statement carver at either end.

Take time to choose the fabrics for the dining chairs. They need to be durable but also stylish. Consider adding a different, highly textured or decorative fabric to the back of the dining chairs or perhaps add studding. Then look to upholster the main seating part which is used most, in a more durable fabric.

Additional furniture for storage in a dining room is important for a functional, coherent design. Commissioning a bespoke credenza to match the dining table will always give a balanced, cohesive look and be ideal for storing tableware, table linen and cutlery.
The top of the credenza can then be used for drinks trays and could be helpful for serving as well as an ideal place for displaying sculptures and other decorative items.

Artwork will really bring a room to life and the dining room is no exception. A large, striking piece of original artwork will enhance the space and bring the added “wow” factor which is important for special occasions. Perhaps place it above the credenza or on a large piece of bare wall, just ensure that it has enough space to “breathe” and make a statement rather than being obscured from view or overshadowed by furniture or other accessories. A beautiful original piece of artwork should be seen from the moment you enter the room and it is paramount that lighting is fitted to show it off for evening dining.

A grand dining room is perfect for enjoying special occasions with friends and family and to make it a true success the interior should be designed to make those occasions feel even more special.