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Luxury living: How movie memorabilia is fast becoming a coveted design choice for creating a luxury home

Creating a luxury home is easy; just add some lavish features, a few sumptuous fabrics and some interesting pieces of art, and you’ll be well on your way. But what if you want to create a home that doesn’t just exude opulence, but encapsulates a little bit of your personality, too – and more specifically, your intense love of movies?

Adding some movie memorabilia to the mix can add a unique twist to your home – and some of the rarest pieces will make great investments for your future, too. From a pair of SFX prosthetic ears used in ‘Harry Potter’, to the hero ski suit worn by Pierce Brosnan in his role as Bond, there are some really unusual items out there that are up for grabs – and best of all, they’ll make for some interesting talking points when you have guests round for dinner, too. But where exactly can you get them from? For some of the most intriguing pieces out there, it has to be movie memorabilia company, Moviemania.

Combining popular culture with contemporary art, Moviemania offers an array of cinematic rarities for every lover of film, inviting its customers to live and breathe movie memorabilia and revel in its artistic display.

Founded in 2005, this unique British company is a vendor of genuine movie props as collectibles, and these treasured artefacts, once merely the practical tools of the film industry, have evolved into avant-garde works of art – or ‘Prop Art’, as they have become better known.

Constantly sourcing these acclaimed relics from an extensive database of crew members, production companies, private archives and film studios from around the world, Moviemania is very much on the ball when it comes to acquiring some of the most exciting pieces of memorabilia out there, and as such, there are few better places to source some stand-out artefacts to transform your home.

And what’s more, they are no longer just collectible items, and are fast becoming a preferred option for interior designers looking to create something truly unique.

“These are far more than collectibles or investment pieces,” says Andrew Simpson, Owner of MovieMania.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen a considerable increase in interior designers and home cinema specialists approaching us for film props and production Artefacts. They love their walls adorned with something truly unique and it emphasises that each film prop we sell is a piece of art in its own right. That’s why we devote a considerable amount of time into displaying our Memorabilia in an artistic way as well as ensuring each piece is preserved for future generations.”

And it’s not just aesthetics that play a role in MovieMania’s mission to source a piece of box office history, but authenticity too.

“Our memorabilia undergoes rigorous research into provenance and our detective work can sometimes take many months for the older pieces,” says Andrew. “But that only makes our work all the more fascinating and helps to ensure a safe marketplace.”

So, what exactly was the goal when it came to setting up Moviemania in the first place?

“It’s simple & fundamental,” says Andrew. “It is to ensure that those with a love of cinema are brought closer to their favourite film than ever before.

“Many of our customers realise that nothing can relieve them from the burdens of life quite like the dynamism of film. It invigorates us, educates us, frightens us and stimulates us in ways our post-modernist minds could never have comprehended. With that progression comes an emerging desire to collect, invest and enthral in film artefacts. Each of the pieces we sell are beautifully displayed inside bespoke display solutions and accompany impeccable provenance, ensuring that they are the perfect addition to your home cinema, office or games room.”

The company’s collection of rare and sought-after memorabilia is ever developing, with Andy and his small team searching the globe to source the gems of the big screen, working directly with more than 250 film studios, production companies and the people behind the magic.

“Pieces like these can truly transform any home, and are a much more interesting way to do so than the usual paintings, accessories and pieces of art. Everyone watches movies, and some of the most unusual pieces can spark some really interesting conversations with guests – as well as creating an awe-inspiring aesthetic that is sure to impress,” Andrew says.

So where did Moviemania all begin?

“My obsession with film production started as a teenager. I was a bit of a ‘creative nutcase’ and wanted to immerse myself as much as humanly possible into my Spielberg favourites,” Andrew explains.

“My parents allowed me to build a 22ft wooden replica of the Jurassic Park gateway in their back garden (complete with real flames!) and I remember lots of TV stations coming to witness it. Thereafter, I built a cinema in the garden shed, a Dalek and a variety of other film-related projects.

“When I left college, I contemplated working in the film industry or running my own business. A somewhat spontaneous trip to Bonham’s auction room lead me into buying my first piece of movie memorabilia – an Alfred Hitchcock autograph, which I later framed up and sold to a friend for a tidy profit. Starting a business in this field satisfied both desires – working with the film industry, AND owning a business.

“My fascination with movie props evolved from a desire to bring people closer to their favourite movies whilst getting to know various SFX artists at the big film conventions. Today, I love sourcing rare pieces and conducting all the associated detective work into their provenance – it gives me a real buzz!”
With movie memorabilia fast becoming the coveted design choice for creating a unique luxury home, the race for some of the film world’s finest artefacts is on. If you have a favourite movie then head over to now – it could be one of the most exciting shopping experiences you’ll ever have, and both your home and your future self will thank you for it.