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Make an entrance: 8 ways to add glamour to your hallway

By Cynthia Lawrence  |  March 11, 2021
hallway entrance

The hallway is typically the first thing we see when we enter any home, yet when it comes to our interior design, it’s often the one space that gets neglected. Frequently seen as simply a functional space where everyone dumps their coats and footwear, the humble hallway is actually a great space to add a luxurious touch and make a great first impression.

Whether it’s a large, spacious hallway or narrow and compact space, here are some décor tips on how to create an eye-catching entrance that is welcoming, stylish and chic.

Tile style

Who says hallway flooring has to be boring? Floor tiles can give a drab space character and colour and they can also give hallways an expensive look over the typical laminate flooring or carpet. From classic to contemporary tiles, hexagonal options which look great in narrow hallways to modern vinyl tiles, there are plenty of tiles to suit your space. If you don’t want to opt for brand new flooring, you can use a stylish runner that will brighten the hallway – especially in a neutral space.

Entrance tables are a nice feature if your hallway is spacious enough and are storage benches that double up as seating

Feature walls

Feature walls are a great way to bring a burst of colour and character to a neutral hallway. Single out one wall and add some luxury wallpaper or a high-quality, bold paint to make your entrance hall stand out. Alternatively you could add some wood panelling to the lower half of the walls and complement with a painted or papered top half – a popular way to add some sophistication to your walls.

Mirror, Mirror

Striking mirrors can certainly add glamour to any hallway. Depending on your style, you can go for traditional, large-framed mirrors or contemporary, circular or asymmetrical ones. Mirrors also reflect natural light, especially in small and dark hallways, and a great tip if you have a narrow hallway, is to place a full-length mirror at the end wall which will make the space appear larger.

Lavish chandeliers or striking pendants are ideal for high ceilings

Eye-catching table display

Entrance tables are a nice feature if your hallway is spacious enough. Stylish and sleek console tables are a popular choice and are great for accessorising and you can make it a focal point in the hallway by adding a flower vase with fresh flowers, scented candles or picture frames. You could even add a pair of luxury table lamps to illuminate your hallway at night or if your hallways won’t allow for a table, you can always hang a floating shelf instead, which is space-saving and can look just as chic.

Savvy storage  

If you want to keep any clutter out of sight (and mind!), invest in stylish storage. A storage bench, ottomans or trunks are all multi-functional, doubling-up as a seating area. If you have limited space, seagrass or wicker baskets are durable and make great décor features.

Bring the outdoors in

Now that you have achieved a clutter-free floor space, why not bring a touch of the outdoors in with a luscious plant, tropical palms or succulents? A pair or selection of brass planters on legs can add style to your favourite botanicals and provide great focal points and if you’re not naturally green-fingered, there are some beautiful faux plants that look just as deluxe.

If you want to keep any clutter out of sight (and mind!), invest in stylish storage.

Statement ceiling lighting

Light pendants can add glamour to a hallway, just remember to keep them high. Lavish chandeliers or striking pendants are ideal for high ceilings, while cluster lights offer charm to lower ceilings without being overwhelming. Whether you opt for traditional or modern light pendants, it will make a grand statement from the moment you enter.

Create a gallery

If you prefer a neutral hallway, you can glam up bare walls with stunning pieces of art. This gallery wall can either be made up of colourful masterpieces or a selection of your favourite photography. This is great way to adds personality and colour to an otherwise dull hallway and will also make a great talking point for your guests.