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Karma Candles

Make your home smell incredible with luxury designer candles by Karma

By LLM Reporters on 1st March 2019

Karma Candles is the latest name in luxury and designer scents, presenting designer diffusers and 100% natural soy wax candles that deliver rich aromas with a contemporary sense of style. The exclusive range of Karma candles have been skilfully crafted, beautifully gift boxed and exquisitely designed to enhance your wellbeing, decor and lifestyle.

They sound fantastic don’t they? But you might be asking youself the question: “They are just candles aren’t they?”. Well yes, you’re right they are candles but they aren’t “just any candles”. Stay with us and we will explain.

Karma candles are masterfully designed candles that contribute to your wellbeing whether it would be at home or work. How does it do that you might next ask? It all relates back to your delectable human DNA.

The brand offers an entire range of signature, luxury designer candles and accessories, characterised by an unmistakeable unique style

Olfaction, also known as sense of smell, is the most primal and mysterious of our six senses and throughout human evolution, our sense of smell has been a key component to your personal well-being and ambitious desires.

A smell can remind you of lust and love, care and comfort, nostalgic moments of past but more importantly a smell can create impressions to drive your behaviour on an instinctive and subconscious level.

That’s what fragrances, scents and smells do. They evoke positive psychological states of mind and reactions in milliseconds, resulting in an ever-lasting impression. That’s why Karma Candles was created! A brand that focuses not on cheap toxic materials to create chemical based smells for mass market sales. Karma is a candle maker with unmistakeable style and a focus on quality.

The company carefully selects the finest materials, ingredients and designers to personalise your life with an aura of sophistication and elegance. Their candles and diffusers represent luxury, wellbeing and good taste, the perfect sentiment for your home or as a loving gift. With a distinct collection of fragrances available you can fill your favourite relaxing space with an assortment of mouth-wateringly lovely scents such as Karma’s blended velvety and voluptuous Vanilla Bean with mellow tones of creamy butterscotch, creating an indulgent and sensuous fragrance. Or you can choose the Ocean Breeze Candle which is no more or less than “the breath of the sea”. Simple Sun, Sea and Sand.

Karma Candles
Karma focus on quality, carefully selecting the finest materials, ingredients and attention to detail, to personalise your life with an aura of sophisticated elegance

Pomegranate Noir has top notes of juicy red fruits, giving a lusciously refreshing quality with floral blend notes that conjures the heady, spicy character of Casablanca Lily. Also the classic Lavender candle creates an aroma that sings a lullaby and says relax, chill out and goodnight.

From classic candles such as English Pear and Freesia to contemporary collections such as Mimosa and Cardamom candles, you can entice the sensory nerves, with a choice of scents.

The sophisticated glass jar candle comes packaged in a gift box that accentuates its exclusivity and luxurious quality and each candle is durable and weighty yet elegantly designed in a gloss or matt finish to fit perfectly into your own sense of contemporary style and décor.

Once lit you’ll find that each candle burns cleanly for you without soot or smoke and it should not be tunnelling, i.e. there should be no wax residue left on side of the glass. The wick does not develop a glowing ‘mushroom’ head or develop red glowing bubbles like other candles that eventually drop’s off into the wax to create an unsightly mess in the wax.

Their Glass Diffuser Bottle and Reed Set is a wonderful way to fragrance your home. The fragrance is absorbed through the stick and evaporates across your room, keeping your home smelling sweet with bouquets of Honey and Musk, Wild Bluebell, Oud, Irum or Dahlia.

Karma Candles is in a class of its own when it comes to opulent aromas and makes an impressive ornament for your living space as well as a luxurious gift for a loved one

Karma Candles is certainly in a class of its own when it comes to opulent aromas and makes an impressive ornament for your living space as well as a luxurious gift for a loved one.

The brand invites you to a world of captivating multisensory experiences that embraces the value of the brand and its products. With retail outlets soon to be popping up in and around London’s most prestigious shopping areas you’ll find Karma fast becoming a formidable brand in the luxury market but you don’t have to visit a shop to buy one of their candles or diffusers, you can get them now at

Create the perfect ambience by visiting their impressive website and choose from a selection of fragrances and products as a personal investment into your own wellbeing or as a gift for a loved one. It’s guaranteed to reinvigorate your passion for fragrances and add an unforgettable impression of luxury, elegance and style to your home.