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Modest to magnificent: 4 luxurious renovation projects to undertake in your home

By LLM Reporters  |  June 9, 2020
House with pool design modern - 3D render

A dream home is something we spend years fantasising about. Building on our aspirations in order to be left with the ability to own and create a home that echoes our personalities and finest achievements is certainly worth putting effort into. And allowing ourselves to imagine our dream kitchens, luxurious bathrooms, complete with swish décor and many marvellous items that make every day living that much better, also often helps to propel us into achieving our desires.

As many would agree, once the ideal house has been purchased, this is only the first step in creating the home that will eventually become the dream home, the house of all envy and a place where you can share endless happy times with those you love.

While you get your project off the ground it is best to get a contractor that is trustworthy, therefore using a platform such as CostCertified is a great way to weed out any unreliable workers. The online sales platform provides quick, accurate and interactive construction estimates as well as payment automation for the work carried out. The no-contact approach seemingly all the more beneficial in current social distancing times.

If you are considering upping the wow factor on your current abode, then read on for our top four renovation projects to undertake in order to transform your home from modest to magnificent.

A stunning swimming pool

Beautiful Luxury Home with Swimming Pool at Sunset

Nothing says luxury living like having a swimming pool in your back garden, or better yet, within the confines of your house. Spending sunny days lounging by the poolside, splashing about with family and inviting friends over for pool parties certainly seems like an inviting prospect and, for those living in less sunny parts of the world, an indoor pool is a great way to make use of such a fantastic home improvement on rainy days too.

If you have the ability to transform a basement into a spa area, go for it, otherwise, a pool extension or stand-alone option on your property would make the ideal addition and the perfect way to bring the holiday vibes home.

A high-tech haven

Smart home automation app on mobile with home interior in background. Internet of things concept at home. Smart technology 4.0

Bring your home up to the smart age by introducing a host of high-tech features to make your living area the ultimate space-age house. Think voice or motion activated lighting, vehicle detection to alert the owner to someone approaching the house, automated temperature controls to kick in when the inside or outside temperature reaches a certain level and swish security features.

When you are away from your home it is important to know who is approaching and you can be alerted if the alarm is triggered. More fun options include entertainment features such as music to be filtered throughout your home, alarm sounds to wake you up each day and access to all of this via your phone so you can turn on the TV or appliances before you even reach your front door.

A brand-new garden

Hamilton, New Zealand - December 08 2017 : The beautiful Italian Renaissance Garden an iconic famous gardens in Hamilton gardens of New Zealand.
Image credit: Boysloso/

A complete overhaul of your garden is not a simple task, but it will be so worth it when it is complete. Yes, you can keep a simple lawn with some surrounding hedges but, if you can, why not invest in the garden of dreams? Herein lies the opportunity to create something unique to your style that will wow guests every time they visit.

Perhaps you love a visit to the spa and you quite fancy the idea of recreating the calming effects in your own space with a barrel sauna, steam room and hot tub. Maybe you are obsessed with the look of an Italian Renaissance garden complete with statues, fountains and neat, symmetrical hedging or you love the idea of a completely contemporary look. Whatever you decide, there is no doubt that you will love the outcome once the professionals have been in.

Switch up the décor

Modern interior design of house, kitchen, living room with sofa, staircase 3d rendering

Times change, and so do trends, and the only way to stay up to date with modern décor is to have a total revamp of your interiors. We aren’t suggesting you book in an interior designer every few months, of course, but it may be time to change up what you currently have.

A top tip from a designer is to gather some preferred materials and colours from your wardrobe – the idea being that if you like to wear it then you will like to see it around your house all of the time. A professional will be able to help you decide what trends you enjoy seeing and how to switch up smaller items like cushions and rugs when you fancy seeing a change.