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Overhaul your bathroom to create a luxury haven you’ll love

By LLM Reporters  |  February 20, 2020

They kitchen is often said to be the centre of your home, and is the place where you eat, cook and entertain guests – but when it comes to rest and relaxation, few rooms are as important as your bathroom.

A place for rest, relaxation and soaking the day away, your bathroom is your haven from the stresses and strains of life, and should always feel like a beautiful and rejuvenating place to spend your time – almost as if you were at a spa.

If your current bathroom doesn’t give you ‘all the feels’, it may be time for a revamp; if you don’t have a calming place to shut out the world and rest your mind, you’ll be missing out on some quality downtime – so why not get started today?

Creating a luxury bathroom couldn’t be simpler, and a few simple choices could easily make it into the most opulent room in the house. So, if you’re sold on the idea of a sophisticated sanctuary, then these additions will make all the difference.

A clawfoot bath tub is a must for any luxury bathroom. Image credit:

An opulent shower

Bathrooms are more than just a functional space; they should look beautiful, too – and that includes every detail, including your shower.

The best showers on the market today are digital, featuring an inconspicuous control panel that can be customised to fit in with the décor. For a calm and tranquil start for the day, these are a great option, as they are quiet, easy to use and as powerful as you like. If your shower is over the bath tub, then a screen or acrylic panel will keep the rest of the room dry – but avoid shower curtains, which can look dated and are unhygienic.

Rainfall shower heads are a great option for bringing in a little added luxury. They look beautiful, and promise a truly satisfying and restorative shower. To enhance your daily shower routine, choose a shower system with body jets to enjoy a spa-like effect.

A clawfoot bath tub

The piece-de-resistance of any bathroom should be its bath tub, and a luxurious, free-standing clawfoot will fast become the focal point of the room. The perfect choice for spacious bathrooms, it’ll have you feeling royalty every time you take a dip – and you won’t be able to wait to get in it after a long day at work.

Classic, timeless and utterly decadent, clawfoot tubs are available in a range of different styles. Add some real opulence with some shiny gold taps, and an ornate design around the lip.

Roll-tops and slipper styles are also worth a look if you’re hoping for something a little different. Combine with a floor mounted bath tap, and keep luxurious bathing essentials close to hand on a small table next to the bath.

The ultimate consideration is whether or not you can picture yourself soaking in a bubble bath in it, glass of champagne in hand. If the answer is yes, then you can rest assured that you’re on the right track.

A practical feature when there are two of you in the house, a stylish double vanity will make getting ready each morning all the easier. Image credit:

Double up your vanity

A practical feature when there are two of you in the house, a stylish double vanity will make getting ready each morning all the easier. His and Hers set-ups are both elegant and functional – opt for a lavish marble top for an extra injection of luxury.

There are a variety of styles to choose from according to your taste, but modern and edgy bowl-style basins will bring your bathroom bang up to date. Perfectly in-keeping with a minimalistic style, they could easily serve as the focal point for the room if you don’t have a bath tub – but keep them free of clutter and ensure there is adequate storage space underneath to avoid spoiling the effect.

Install under-floor heating

And finally, to complete that luxury feel, heated floors are a must. Say goodbye to the days of cold tiled floors and step into something altogether more appealing, as nothing feels better than setting foot on a warm and comforting surface in the morning, and will stave off the chilly temperatures that come with the winter months just that little bit longer.