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Popular kitchen styles we predict for 2021 – how to create the look

By LLM Reporters on 21st January 2021

When it comes to renovations in your home, there are few places more complex than the kitchen. It’s one of those rooms that requires a lot of thought in the planning stages to ensure everything turns out exactly as you desire, and it is also the most expensive room to remodel. Having said that, once it is complete, you will have a stylish kitchen to last a long while, and one that suits your exacting needs.

This is why it really pays to opt for a top-quality kitchen from a reputable company, and it is always worth taking all advice from knowledgeable professionals who undertake this work every day. From the wall tiles and the flooring to the worktops and the appliances, there is a lot to think about, and you’ll no doubt be seeking out inspiration everywhere you look.

So, the time has arrived to give your tired kitchen an update and it really is quite an exciting project to undertake. With many options out there, you will be looking for a style that suits your personality and possibly something that fits in with any existing décor in your home. Kitchen design styles have moved on from modern or traditional and now incorporate many more trends within these parameters.

If you’re looking for a kitchen design trend to suit you then look no further, as we predict the most popular styles for 2021.


contemporary black and white kitchen

The ultra-sleek, everything hidden away, neat and tidy look is going to be stronger than ever this year. The kitchen is a highly functional space and in a room that requires a lot of cleaning, many people love the contemporary style for the uncluttered look it already possesses. Forego handles on your glossy cupboards and drawers, opt for wipe clean surfaces and hide your appliances – this makes the contemporary kitchen the ideal choice for those who keep an orderly home.

When choosing a contemporary style kitchen, opt for flooring, wall tiles and cupboard doors that are unfussy in terms of design and texture – leaders in their field, Porcelanosa provide a range of beautiful wall and floor tiles to choose from, as well as kitchen furniture with a contemporary feel. Lighting under wall-mounted cupboards is a great way to add warmth to the space so it doesn’t look too stark and a contemporary piece of artwork or lighting feature will add enough character to make the room work.

Modern rustic

modern kitchen

A rustic look in a home’s interior design primarily consists of lots of natural elements, namely woods with a textured look and bare stone or brick walls. This interior trend is very popular at the moment, and what many have been looking for is a way to take the look from a cabin in the woods vibe to a more stylish, design-led, modern offering. So, what are the main differences between rustic and modern rustic? We would say it’s something of a fusion between the two. The wood elements remain, but instead of the raw, textured look you will find more polished versions with neat edges.

Charcoal elements offer a more modern aesthetic and can be showcased within cupboard fronts or small appliances. Bare brick still works but is made more contemporary by being adorned with monochrome artwork and sleek lighting features above an island are certainly a popular look. Wood floors in a herringbone pattern are popular and worktops can be wood or marble to create this stunning style.


modern japandi kitchen

You may have heard of the term, but if not, Japandi refers to a design trend that combines Japanese design with Scandinavian style. Pale, earthy tones synonymous with the Scandi style marry perfectly with minimalist Japanese influence to create an uncluttered, yet impactful and stylish look. The hybrid style works well for those who like to keep things tidy but also who like to incorporate natural elements in a simplistic and chic way.

If you want to create a Japandi style kitchen then remember that there are three main elements to incorporate – medium to pale wood, charcoal tones and white. You can really mix and match how you see fit but as long as these elements are present, you are on your way to achieving the look, just remember to keep it minimal.

Worktops can be marble, white or wood and sleek, untextured cupboard fronts (minus the handles) work in either wood, white or black – just make sure that the dark tones aren’t overpowering. Pale walls, lots of natural light and little design elements such as a black framed window will complete the look.


cottage kitchen

Cottagecore rose in popularity last year and started as a homely visual aesthetic that inspired youngsters to incorporate a more rural life in harmony with nature. Though its origins are in fashion and promotes perhaps a more idealised notion of what it’s like to live in the country, there’s no doubt that it has inspired a whole host of people with their fashion choices and interior design too.

If a rural, Cottagecore vibe is what you seek then look to the traditional country cottage kitchen for inspiration. An Aga, stone floor, wood dining table and chairs and floral patterns or colours make this work, while wood beams, fresh flowers and open shelving create that homely, country style you’ve been seeking.