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Preparing your garden for a summer party

Now that the garden party season is well underway, the time has come to spruce up your garden so that it can be the star of the show at your next reunion.

With lighter evenings and warmer weather, summer becomes the perfect time to enjoy a get-together outside, and there is no better place to enjoy this than in the comfort of your own garden.

Whether it’s planning a barbecue or simply having family and friends over for a few drinks, we have a few tips that you can follow so that your outdoor space is looking it’s very best.

With summer about to officially begin, there is no better place than your garden to spend some quality time in the sun whilst forgetting your worries

Lawn comes first

The first thing your guests will notice is whether your lawn is freshly cut or not, so the first thing to do before setting up any decorations is to give your lawn a quick trim, as this will instantly liven up your garden.

If impressing is your goal, then choose a mower with a built-in roller, as this will help you achieve a gloriously striped effect that will catch the light on different angles — enviable to say the least.

Remember to remove all the pesky weeds that have popped up, as this is a quick way to ensure that your garden is looking perfect and ready for a party.

Take on the dirt

The perfect garden will be devoid from all stains and grime, therefore using a pressure washer to clean any surfaces may be in your best interest.

This is the perfect utensil to quickly get rid of cobwebs and dirt, which has been developing over the winter months. Once you’ve finished washing over patio and garden furniture, you will undoubtedly feel proud of your outdoor space.

Don’t forget to give the patio doors and windows a good clean to make them shine and don’t overlook any of the sills, as this is where dirt will be accumulating the most.

Invest in a top quality barbecue this summer

Barbecue ready

A garden party will never be the same without a barbecue delivering savoury al-fresco treats, which is why you need to check that your grill is ready for all the action.

If you’re dragging your old barbecue from storage, then ensure that you give it a good clean before cooking. If you’d rather buy a new one then think about the size of the party and how much you’re willing to invest.

A simple charcoal barbecue is perfect for the job, especially if your party is going to be a relatively small event. However, if your aiming for a more elaborate event then a gas-powered barbecue is going to be your best option — no matter which one you go for, make sure that the food you’re preparing is delicious and worth the wait.

A spot for entertainment

Depending on the size of the event you’re aiming for, you may want to invest in a gazebo.

Not only does it help create the perfect area for entertainment, but it also offers protection from the unpredictable weather. It is a perfect centrepiece for garden parties and can be useful for many things once your event has finished.

Whether it’s a relaxing place to lounge in or an outdoor office, you’ll be able to find the perfect gazebo on

Depending on the size of the event you’re aiming for, you may want to invest in a gazebo

Setting the scene

Another way to set the scene is to add splashes of colour with flowerbeds, ceramic ornaments, bunting and balloons — these will automatically liven up your garden and create a beautiful scene that will impress your guests.

As most garden parties will carry on into the evening, make sure to also set the scene for the night by adding fairy lights around some of the surrounding trees, furniture and gazebo if you decide to get one.

Candles will not only look beautiful when placed in key areas for ambience, but they will also bring delicate aromas that will enhance the atmosphere.

Now that you’re ready for the garden party, our final tip is to simply enjoy the event with great company, delicious food and a refreshing drink!