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Product Review : Gigaset SL450A GO

SL450A GO adds a new level to the 'home telephone' experience.

Gigaset, specialists in home communication technology, have launched the compact SL450A GO, a high performing and strikingly contemporary home phone that marries brilliant functionality with intelligent design and connectivity.

Taking just 10 minutes to set up from the beginning to functioning (not including internet account set up), by following the instructions (yes, you do need them!) it really is simple and easy to use.

The cordless SL450A GO boasts a classic aluminium frame with an extra-large, 2.4 inch TFT colour display (perfect for the caller ID!) which doesn’t result in comprised button size or an oversized handset but instead in a proportioned and functional handset with a stylishly lit keypad featuring precise pressure points making it easy to use.

During use, the lightweight properties of the handset itself means the user waves goodbye to the ache that can occur in the middle of an important yet lengthy call. Each call is delivered by the handset with a high sound quality and with the ability to set up audio profiles which adapt to the acoustics of different locations, making sure you can be sure of crystal-clear calls every time. A big bonus was the ability to use the built-in nuisance call blocking technology removing those unwanted calls.

An additional ‘big tick’ during the review is the use of the Gigaset online cloud service which syncs contacts, addresses (into an impressively large 500 contact address book!), sounds and pictures. The Gigaset SL450A GO also removes the dreaded ‘battery low’ panic enabling up to 12 hours of talk time and a substantial 200 hours on standby – meaning that if wanted the owner can even use the device as baby monitor if wanted.  The SL450A GO also saves those who can be a little forgetful with an integrated calendar and scheduler making this device more than just your standard home telephone.

The Gigaset SL450A GO can be a little tricky to set up to use the full functions especially with the IP telephony options and dependent on how many contacts you have, this will affect the set-up time so be prepared to commit time to getting the set up just right. However, once set up the indoor range (up to 50m, outdoor up to 300m) , clarity of the calls and ability of the handset ensure that the Gigaset SL450A GO can be suited to any home.

The SL450A GO is available from with an RRP of £119.00.