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Product Review : Nest Cam

As the home security industry continues to grow, the fear of protecting our prized possessions is slowly eradicating thanks to devices such as the Nest Cam. Whether it’s your prized sports car collection or your precious home items that you wish to protect, the Nest Cam aims to remove the fear of wondering what’s going on when you’re not there. With the ability to not only view and record movements, sounds and abnormal occurrences but also to speak through it’s microphone facility into the room from wherever you are at the time via it’s nifty app, your mind can finally be at ease.

So, does it live up to it’s hype? Here at Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, we couldn’t wait to find out.

Whether you want the device to be hidden and discrete or whether you want it displayed along with your other gadgets, this camera will suit all styles. Presented in a traditional round webcam shape supported by a stem in a sleek black gloss finish the nest cam will blend effortlessly into any environment. The camera can be either wall mounted (a sturdy wall support is provided) secured using it’s inbuilt magnet, on a tripod or stood on a shelf or flat surface, providing adaptability to each individual room with manoeuvrability and the option to adjust the angle manually to ensure you get the best view.

The set up really is rather simple (if you have a stable WiFi service) and took all of about 10 minutes from unpacking to fully set up and raring to go. Most of my set-up time involved the connection of the Camera to the WiFi required for the app (available on iOS and Android) so if you’re looking to use this device in an external building such as a garage you will need to ensure you have strong WiFi connection and a power socket within reaching distance (the lead provided is long enough to ensure this shouldn’t be an issue). To me, it was slightly odd that the camera came in black gloss but the power cable was a standard white cable which caused a slight contrast. A black cable may have been the more aesthetically pleasing option however the white cable does blend in to a white wall background.

Utilising WIFI and app technology, the NEST Cam brings a new element to home security monitoring.
24/7 Security at the tap of an app, the Nest Cam puts your mind at ease both day and night regardless of your physical location.

After the account was set up and ready to go, I have to say the quality and the option of choosing the image recording quality (up to 1080p HD) was impressive thanks to the 130 ° wide-angle vision. The camera does have a slight delay of around 3-4 seconds but the stream itself flows freely and with little disruption when open. The ability to speak through the camera’s microphone adds a fresh element allowing you to deter unwanted visitors.

The camera itself utilises sound detection technology to only notify you when unexpected noises occur, streaming out background noise, traffic and any other day to day noises meaning that the notifications you receive for movement and sound are only those that you would want to be alerted to.

Another bonus is that the Nest Cam isn’t just for protection, this device can be used throughout the home to see what your pets get up to when you’re not home (yes, we know our dogs go onto the sofa when we’re not around!) or as a baby monitor and many more functions. With the option to save clips and upload them to social media the Nest Cam can also be used to capture the moments that maybe else wise you would have no record of.

The Nest Cam can be adapted to do exactly what you want it to; whether that be for peace of mind about protecting your precious items or capturing your special moments at home and with a reasonable price point at £159 from Nest this is a home security system that really does cover all of the basics. Protecting more than one room could be expensive with the purchase of multiple cameras but for one room the Nest Cam fits the bill.