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Restyling & revamping children’s bedrooms the easy way with Reroom

Full Away With The Fairies Fairy Bedroom_preview

Planning on giving your child’s bedroom a refresh? With Kids growing up faster than ever before these days, it can often be difficult to keep up with their tastes – not to mention knowing where to start when it comes to designing and bringing to life an all-new bedroom that they will continue to love for years to come.

There’s no greater reward than seeing the smiling face of your child when you finally reveal their new bedroom to them, but for many parents, what should be a fun process can prove frustrating.

Whilst searching for inspirational images on Pinterest can be a great place to start, it can often lead to disappointment when the items you want prove more difficult to track down that expected.

Chair view Hedgehugs Woodland Nursery_preview

Enter, Reroom – a Haslingden-based children’s bedroom design and interiors website, which features fully-styled rooms where every item included is available to buy, and all in one place – offering a complete room makeover solution at the click of a button.

Launched in December 2017 by busy mums of three, Katy Higginson and Wendy Cooke, the business venture has been met with much enthusiasm from parents, with woodland, nautical and mermaid-themed themes some of the biggest hits so far.

Katy, 40, from Higham, said: “We came up with Reroom after constantly struggling to decorate and furnish our children’s bedrooms. If we wanted a theme, we found it extremely difficult to find and buy all the complementary items we needed to complete the rooms.

Full Mermazing Mermaid Bedroom_preview

“There’d be a beautifully-designed room featured in a magazine or on a website, but the only item you could actually buy from it was a lamp. We also found that because we were buying furniture and accessories from different companies, it was impossible to co-ordinate the room because of the varying styles – and it was all starting to become very frustrating.”

Putting their heads together and deciding to take the plunge, Katy and Wendy both quit their jobs to start a new business venture that would change the way parents restyled their children’s rooms forever – and neither has looked back since. Offering full room solutions, everything that is needed to completely rejuvenate a room has been carefully designed and sourced – from wall decor to high-quality, investment pieces of furniture, and even the little details and stand-out accessories.

As well as purchasing individual products online, customers can buy an entire themed room in just a couple of clicks – giving parents the total cost up front, saving them a huge amount of time and effort and making the whole process of redecorating and revamping a room a smooth one from start to finish.

Wendy says: “Everything has been carefully co-ordinated to ensure that all items for each room match and complement one another. The colours, fabrics, styles – as well as the overall look – have all been designed using the same tones, and although it has taken a while, it has been worth it to ensure everything is right. We knew the look we wanted and we went back and forth to the designers several times until we got it.

“Getting the look just right for the fairy-themed room in particular was really difficult. We knew we wanted a modern twist on a classic look, so we found a great digital designer and worked with her for weeks to achieve the look we wanted.”

With the majority of items made in the UK, Reroom strives to support UK manufacturers, and Katy and Wendy have personally overseen the making of some of their products with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship – and such is their dedication to providing impeccable products and a quality service, that many of their customers keep coming back for more.

Full Whaley Good Nautical Bedroom_preview

In fact, business is booming to such a degree that Katy and Wendy already have big plans for growth, with an expansion of their portfolio into teenager and adult bedrooms next on the cards and an even greater emphasis on manufacturing within the UK.

“Although we started with children’s bedrooms, the issue we were looking to address applies to bedrooms for all ages – and to rooms around the rest of the house, too”, explains Wendy. “People want to decorate and style all kinds of rooms quickly and efficiently, and so the possibilities, really, are endless.

“As well as growing the business, we’re keen to continue investing in the British economy as much as we can, and so we’ll continue to expand our UK manufacturing activity, too.”

After spending some time on the website ourselves, we can certainly see the attraction of revamping a bedroom in just one click, and some of the themes and items are so fun that we challenge you not to want to deck your own bedroom out, too. After all, you’re never too old for a seashell chair or a house-shaped bed – are you?