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Roye Interiors brings luxury living spaces to life

Roye Interiors

When it comes to luxury interior design, Roye Interiors is undoubtedly the one to watch. With just 1 year behind the company and an impressive portfolio of exclusive clients that includes British couture brand, Ralph & Russo and Sheikhs in the Middle East. It’s clear that Director, Jade Roye and her team have got great things ahead of them and with a sparkling reputation already behind them for bringing sheer opulence to interior spaces.

Based in the heart of bustling London, Jade prides herself on her flair for creating elegant, timelessly chic interiors, working with only the best manufacturers in the world to ensure that clients’ needs are both met and surpassed. But what really sets Roye Interiors apart from the competition is the ability to understand clients’ needs and ideas and genuinely bring them to life – never doing so by simply relying on the latest interior trends. In the last year Roye Interiors have travelled to various countries to ensure their clients receive the best and where certain pieces are unattainable Jade Roye designs them with her inspiring vision.

Roye Interiors
With the use of mood boards, 3D designs and 2D layouts, designers at Roye work tirelessly to bring their clients’ ideas to life,

“At Roye Interiors, we believe that every location has the potential to be amazing – whether it be a Palace in the Middle East, or an apartment in One Hyde Park,” says Jade. “We don’t believe in simply following trends. To apply our expertise to the greatest effect, it’s crucial that we accurately understand and interpret what the client is hoping to achieve, ensuring that the brief is fulfilled in its entirety and creating a real sense of opulence – whatever the space we are working with.”

With the use of mood boards, 3D designs and 2D layouts, designers at Roye work tirelessly to bring their clients’ ideas to life, allowing them to visualize the concept and exactly how it could look before setting to work. Each design is bespoke, with attention to intricate detailing and expert craftsmanship setting their spaces apart from any other – and with stunning projects such as those brought to life at Gayton Manor in Weybridge, and in Park Street, Mayfair, to show for themselves, the proof, it seems, is very much in the pudding.

We sat down with Jade to find out just what it takes to create that luxurious feel:

Which space has been your biggest achievement to date, and how did you bring it to fruition?

“I would say that my biggest achievement to date, without a doubt, is securing the contract for my current Palace Project, which is a huge 53,000 SQF space. I was able to convince my clients that I had accurately interpreted their requirements and the desired style and ambience for the space, and that with my expertise, we could make this Palace unique and amazing, while also fulfilling its role as a functional home.”

Roye Interiors
Each design is bespoke, with attention to intricate detailing and expert craftsmanship

Is your passion for design reflected in your own home?

“Somewhat. My home is very comfortable, but it’s more contemporary and minimal than my client designs. I never do things by halves, so when I have some time, I will transform my home into a true reflection of my capabilities.”

Which space of your own do you spend most time in, and what is it about it that makes you want to be there?

“Definitely my home office, as I spend most of what should be my free time, working! I have made it into an inspiring space, with many displays of interesting material finishes and samples that keep me focused and immersed in the tasks at hand.”

What are some of the simplest ways of adding a touch of luxury to an interior space?

“I would say that adding texture or a contrast in colours and materials is one of the simplest and most effective ways to do so. For example, you can completely transform a simple space with a luxurious, textured wallpaper. A contrasting mirror or elegant piece of art can also make a huge difference, and the use of strategically placed lighting, accessories and various fabrics can make a wrold of difference, too.”

Roye Interiors
Roye Interiors

Which fabrics can be used to help create a truly opulent feel?

“Velvet and Silk are both very luxurious, whether you are using the combination on upholstery or on soft furnishings. These rich, delicate fabrics can, when used correctly, make an interior feel very sumptuous indeed.”

Who, or what, inspires or influences your designs?

“My designs are inspired by travelling around the world. From contemporary architecture, to a piece of art in a gallery, I have seen things that have had the power to evoke so much thought in relation to the various projects and blank spaces in question. I find that you can be very creative if you combine collective elements of inspiration and make them one. Having an architectural background, I also find that the best projects fit together like a puzzle. Even if it is unnoticeable, a great interior is executed with an effortless look, but it is essentially the opposite to create.

“A pop of colour is usually continued in accessories, flowers or soft furnishings. A room with various shades of the same colour bring a feel of smart but calm continuity.

“Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines are usually maintained throughout, to create an illusion or to attract or detract your eye from certain elements of the space.”

Roye Interiors
Roye Interiors offer international services

How did you achieve that opulent feel at Gayton Manor, in Weybridge, and Park Street, in Mayfair – and how did the two projects differ?

“Gayton Manor is an amazing house, but also a very inviting home. The client’s brief was ‘a family home, but with the wow factor. A place to cherish each time you walk through the door, but not to make guests feel like they are in a sterile showroom’. To create an opulent home, the furniture and accessories chosen are quite bold and enticing. Each element is used to draw you in, and naturally attracts your attention.

“Park Street, Mayfair is completely different, as this space was designed to complement the elegant dresses showcased at the property. Ralph & Russo design beautiful and sought-after couture gowns, and as the home of this exclusive bran,d each space is required to be universal and neutral to suit any style or colour of dress. Upon entry of the five-storey dwelling, you immediately feel warm, encouraging you to enjoy the surroundings as well as the couture designs.”

Tell us about the project you are currently working on.

“The Palace is truly something spectacular, and I cannot wait to see it come to life. We are using the best manufacturers, materials and finishes to ensure the result is unique, but will maintain an elegant, timeless and contemporary feel on all four floors. Based in the Middle East, my client has a vast amount of space to work with; not just square footage, but also in height. The high ceilings, ballroom-sized salons, bedroom suites and more are enough to leave you feeling utterly astonished. A large amount of time and creativity has gone into this project, and I look forward to showcasing the finished project in time to come.”

Roye Interiors
Working with the leading manufacturers in both London and Italy, Roye are able to advise and design completely bespoke pieces to make a clients’ space completely unique

You make a point of saying that you don’t believe in simply following trends. How do you advise clients who are unsure of what exactly it is that they are trying to achieve?

“Correct. Interior trends are exactly that, and with every season, they change. Unless you have a client that does not mind changing their entire space every 6 months, it would be unwise to treat their interior as such.

I would firstly try to identify what it is my client likes, by identifying the style they are attracted to, and according to the client’s needs, we would then proceed to put together ideas. With the use of various trends, past and present, and interior creativity and flair, you can produce some truly amazing results.

How do you go about understanding clients who already have a strong idea of what they want?

“I always try to give my clients what they want, but I try to do so according to my expertise. If the client has a vision, I try to bring this vision to life – execution is key. Introducing different materials, finishes, the use of colour and tones we will always add to what the client has in mind.”

Have you ever had to persuade a client around to your way of thinking, and if so what was the result?

“I wouldn’t say I persuade clients to change their way of thinking, as we all have different tastes. If I truly think something is not going to work well, I will simply offer an alternative and provide a reason as to why. Most clients appreciate this approach, as being their designer, you are procured to add to a project, not detract from it.”

Roye Interiors
Roye Interiors are based in the heart of London

As an experienced interior designer, what do you see as the upcoming trends in 2017? Do they influence your designs in some way in spite of the fact that you don’t believe in adhering to them?

“I honestly don’t spend time thinking about upcoming trends. Trends are usually based on using various elements that have never been combined before, or using them in a new and creative way. With each project I work on, I aim to create something new. We all strive to be better than one another, and we can only do so if we use our unique perspectives, rather than simply following others.”

What are your tips for maximising the space in a room, and making it feel as spacious as possible?

“Considering all areas is essential. When looking at an interior, we should not just look at the floor, but also look at the walls as a canvas. To create a spacious environment, ridding a space of clutter is key. Everything should have a place, and with the use of storage elements, this should be fairly easy. Bulky furniture makes a huge difference to a space which could be more minimal. For example, a sofa with legs works better in a spacious room, rather than a sofa with a plinth to the floor, which would eliminate that entire space.”

roye interiors