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Seven things to know before choosing the wallpaper for your home

Vanessa Arbuthnott - The Calmsden

The wallpaper you decide on for your house really does impact everything from your choice of furniture to the lighting. It is important to know the different options available before you splash it around as there is nothing worse than making a hasty decision which you come to regret 2 weeks down the line.

Before you even start to begin the shop, make sure you understand the ambience you wish your home to bring, different patterns and colours speaks volumes regardless of the furniture you choose.

Here Vanessa Arbuthnott takes us through seven things you need to be aware of ahead of making the final decision.

1) Don’t rush! Keep your options open

Just because you love the sample that you found, it doesn’t mean that you must apply it to every room in your house. It will make a difference in the long term to consider all your options, this can be done easily by purchasing a removable product. They easily hang and can be removed without any damage to your walls, even better if you are the type that gets easily bored and would like to add flair to your rooms every few months – reusable and removable wallpapers might be the way to go!

2) Always consider the style of your room

It’s important to understand the different atmosphere your room can convey depending on the wallpaper. If you prefer to go casual then floral designs are a must, they give the room an organic ambience alongside a relaxed feel. For a contemporary feel then consider bold geometrics, the high gloss and metallic accents make for a on trend fashion setting. Or if you are heading down the traditional route be sure to stuck to intricate detailing and stripes, this always look perfect alongside traditional furnishings. Always remember to be consistent and choose a pattern which works best with your bricks and mortar.

3) Have a feature wall

If you want to go bold but not over the top, consider a feature wall. By choosing a dramatic pattern you can highlight an area of a room such as behind a sofa. For The Love of Rose is perfect for those with traditional themes but wish for an extra dimension. The raspberry red is perfect for either a cosy bedroom or living room, when paired with earthy browns it creates a rustic look.

4) Kid-Proof

If you have kids, you may worry for the state of your wallpaper after time (the dreaded crayons!). An option you can consider is wallpaper coverings, they are made from a fabric and paper mix and work by simply brushing the paste onto the wall and then placing the wall covering on to it. The golden benefit is that they are washable, Up The Garden Path is a contemporary design which would work well in a teal and yellow living room with the consistent design uplifting the rooms entire mood.

5) Low ceilings sorted

If you have rooms with low ceilings you can accentuate them by choosing dip dyed wallpapers. This design is currently a very popular interior home trend, they have intense color at the bottom and then fade out to beige or neutrals at the top, giving the illusion of taller walls, another trick is to incorporate stripes. In terms of the ceiling itself use white or another pale color such as blue for added height.

6) Don’t follow the crowd

You might want your house to be different, and there is no shame in doing so! If there is an unusual style which you have been drawn towards you should go for it as your house reflects you and your personality. Using quirky wallpaper from bright and bold patterns to glistening metallic can set you apart from the crowd and can be a real conversation starter at dinner parties!

7) Textured wallpaper = lifesaver

Unfortunately, not all walls are perfect. By selecting a paper which has a three-dimensional texture or pattern you can mask the flaws of a bumpy or irregular textured wall. You need to choose a heavier and more substantial paper but be sure to avoid reflective surfaces such as metallics. Of course, textured wallpaper can be used to cover bumps but if your walls have larger cracks and splits, it must be repaired as they will continue to expand.