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Simple and stylish ways to incorporate vintage décor into any home

From a traditional, vintage aesthetic to an Art Deco extravaganza to a mid-century modern vibe, there are plenty of chic ways that you can use past décor trends to give your home a wholly unique look.

By LLM Reporters  |  December 9, 2021
art deco lounge

Interior design trends come and go, so it can be difficult for stylish homeowners to find timeless looks for their property, but one sure-fire way to keep any home looking refined is to look to the past for inspiration. 

From a traditional, vintage aesthetic to an Art Deco extravaganza to a mid-century modern vibe, there are plenty of chic ways that you can use past décor trends to give your home a wholly unique look that caters to your personal tastes while remaining ever stylish.

Vintage home interiors offer a classic look and can easily be incorporated alongside a variety of other home design styles, and you can add your own personal twists on the look as well as modern touches too.

When you think about vintage home décor, it’s easy to imagine ornate antique furniture that takes up a lot of space. Thankfully, there are many small ways you can incorporate vintage interior design into your home without having to change all of your furniture and accessories.

There are plenty of vintage home décor accessories out there that can quickly enhance any room and turn it into a stylish and comfortable space, and this works really well if you’re blending interior styles. Some of these can be as small as wall hangings or lampshades, or they can be larger pieces of furniture used to completely renovate an entire room.

With so many options out there, it’s easier than you might think to incorporate the trendy vintage look in your home and make it look classically beautiful too. Read on for some practical and stylish ways to introduce this timeless trend into your home.

living room
Consider the period when your property was built or the style that it emulates

Choose a time period to suit your tastes

The first step when choosing vintage decorations for your home is to choose a period of time to focus on. The term ‘vintage’ refers to anything that’s more than around a decade old, but that could mean anything from Victorian-style antiques, Regency styles to bold 70s patterns.

If you choose too many items from different periods, then your home could look cluttered and confused. As such, you should try to choose a period that offers the unique style that you love. Explore all the options, from popular eras like Art Deco and the 1920s to less common ones such as 1980s décor, to find the option that suits your tastes. Check out a range of antique stores and online sites to learn more about different periods and work out which one will suit you best.

Consider the age of your property as a starting point

Selecting a period style to decorate your home might seem daunting, as there are a lot of options for you to choose from. Vintage items can span a rather lengthy time span, and styles differ throughout specific periods and regions too, so there are a lot of options out there for you.

This can be ideal for some homeowners who want to change up their style regularly, however, if you feel overwhelmed, then you might struggle to find the best option for your home. One great way to narrow down your search is to consider the period when your property was built or the style that it emulates. If you have a Tudor home, then you could go with period pieces from that era or one near that time. Alternatively, if you have a more modern property, then you could go for an 80s or 90s look for your home. This approach will make your home look more cohesive and stylish and less like you just jumped on the bandwagon.

You could explore antique furniture and find a statement piece from a period that’s often overlooked

Look beyond the obvious antiques

While some vintage fixtures, such as mirrors or sideboards, are obvious, there’s more to vintage pieces than just these items. Explore a wide range of options to find the perfect decoration for your home. For example, you could check out antique signs from the specialists at Antiques Boutique. These quirky signs are a statement piece that will set your home apart.

Alternatively, you could explore antique furniture and find a statement piece from a period that’s often overlooked. Whatever you choose, by taking the time to explore all the options, you’ll find something innovative that will make your home stand out.

Try upcycling old items

Thanks to the rising popularity of vintage designs and antique furniture, many companies now offer restored items or new pieces of furniture that emulate traditional designs. If you want to get an authentic vintage look and enjoy a fun DIY project, then you could consider buying a tired old piece of furniture and upcycling it.

Upcycling furniture can be as easy as thoroughly cleaning it and polishing tarnished parts of the piece. For more damaged items, you could completely restore it to turn your item into a unique talking point that stands out from the rest.

The bathroom is a great room to makeover in a retro style

Consider wallpapers and rugs

Furnishings, furniture and accessories can be a great way to bring the vintage look into your home, but there are other easy solutions you could consider. If you want to make a subtle statement or tie in your décor with other items that you’ve found, then you could consider a vintage rug or a wallpaper in a traditional pattern.

A rug is an easy way to upgrade your floor without much effort and to transform your room. Wallpaper takes a little more work, so you could consider a vintage print or picture instead. If you do want to incorporate wallpaper into your vintage décor, then you could consider doing a signature wall, so you don’t have to do as much wallpapering, but you can still get the beauty of a classic vintage pattern on your walls.

Never overlook the smallest room in the house

When you’re thinking about adding vintage décor to your home, it’s easy to overlook some spaces, such as your bathroom. However, thanks to the evolution of plumbing fixtures and unique styles of fittings from bygone years, the bathroom is actually a great room to makeover in a retro style.

Check out inspiration for a vintage bathroom to get some unique ideas about how to turn the smallest room in your home into a spectacular vintage paradise. Some classic vintage styles, such as claw-footed bathtubs, are beautiful and make for a great talking point, as well as being a luxurious place to unwind and relax after a busy day.

Incorporating vintage home décor into your home is a creative way to showcase your personal sense of style. Use these tips to find the perfect antique additions to your home and create a stunning vintage look that’s as unique as you.