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Six reasons to love chandeliers


Words by styling consultant Emma Coady.

We all have a friend that has a soft spot for chandeliers. They’re gregarious, decadent characters with exquisite taste.

A chandelier becomes the heart the room
Christening the room with a noble birth name. A chandelier is like a crown placed on the crest of a head.

Chandeliers transform an ordinary space
Antique chandeliers add authenticity and a sense of wisdom to grade listed buildings. Distressed walls compliment antique chandeliers. Muted, marbled or washed walls add earthiness to an elaborate statement. In reverse, if a period building needs updating, a modern chandelier can transcend a room into the modern world.

Chandeliers can add a touch of glamour and grandeur without any requirement for further statements.

Soft light
The light that a chandelier emits can transcend the ambiance of a room into a scene from La Dolce Vita. Lamps are the perfect partners to cleverly position light.

Enhanced dining experiences
Chandeliers compliment large dining tables. On rectangular tables a chandelier breaks up the table and gives the setting a central focus. A dimmer switch works particularly well in this context, the light can be dimmed as the tone of the night changes.

Chandeliers break the horizontal-vertical lines that remind us of corporate life and adds a personal, homely touch.

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