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Stay in comfort and luxury during your home renovation

Renovating your home is a creative, exciting time where you bring your designs to life. Whether you’re having a company carry out your works, or a member of your family is working on the home as a ‘self-build project’, you don’t have to live in the mess, noise and chaos. Skip this and fast forward to the beautiful end result by living off-site.

While there are a multitude of accommodation options during your renovations, many lack convenience, privacy, comfort and luxury. More now than ever, the ideal option is to rent a static caravan or invest in a static caravan – otherwise known as a holiday home – to enjoy a home away from home and truly relax.

We’ve spoken to West Sussex based N.Doe Caravans, specialists in statics for nearly 50 years, about why renovators are turning to statics or ‘holiday homes’.

Renovators are turning to luxury statics or ‘holiday homes’

Clean and modern designs

If you haven’t looked into statics recently, you may be surprised at their stylish and sleek designs, with modern interiors and furnishings. Leading brands such as ABI and Delta cater to a luxurious market and larger models can reach price points of £65k when bought new, featuring ample storage.

A blank canvas, your own possessions can personalise them in a way that simply can’t be achieved in a hotel room, giving you the opportunity to feel at home in your own private space. This is further helped by models with double glazing and central heating.

Independence and flexibility

To compare again to hotels, there are no check-ins, curfews, set-menus and staff to contend with – you’re independent and can continue living as you were in your main home, making your own rules.

If you employ domestic staff, cleaners can switch their schedule to your static, especially when it’s placed on-site, so there is also no wider upheaval of your routines and comforts. Then, when you’re ready to move into your renovated property, your static model is simply collected by the experts with no stress.

If you haven’t looked into statics recently, you may be surprised at their stylish and sleek designs, with modern interiors and furnishings


Modern statics are available in a range of spacious models with luxury features such as en-suites and open plan dining areas. Depending on the style of your chosen model, you can enjoy pitched roofs and vaulted ceilings, and extend with an outdoor terrace. Large windows also let in a lot of light and expand the sense of space.

Depending on who will be living in your holiday home for the duration of the project, consider twin units – two statics combined to create an even larger space. For a couple this would be incredibly comfortable and even so for a family of four.

Ideal for families

Large statics with en-suites and more than one living space are a great option for families with young children or teenagers. Being on site in a static for your renovation avoids uprooting your family and means they are still able to have the same neighbours and friends in the area, so there’s little risk they’ll start to feel homesick.

Open plan layouts also create a good family atmosphere that encourages talking and relaxing together, which could even increase the amount of quality time you spend together. If not in comparison to your home, definitely in comparison to hotel living.

A further consideration is that you’re able to really personalise a static if you buy it to sell on once your self-build or renovation project is completed, as opposed to renting a property from a private landlord. Alternatively, if you have the space post build it can be retained as ancillary guest or staff accommodation

Renovating your home is a creative, exciting time where you bring your designs to life

Reduce your stressors

Should space in your grounds allow, a static can be sited on your land so you don’t even need to change your address or deal with a lot of admin for a temporary change in accommodation. Changing your address, forwarding your mail and possibly uprooting your children is probably the last thing you’ll want as your home is being improved.

Less to worry about means more time to put into the project whilst maintaining time for relaxation and recreation as normal. Being on site also increases security and allows you to project manage some of the work if necessary.

Sounds right for you?

If this is ticking all of your boxes and would suit your lifestyle, N. Doe Caravans are on hand to discuss your options further. All transportation and siting is carried out by their specialist staff and as their homes come fully furnished, you have nothing to worry about.

You could also consider buying a static and selling it when it’s no longer needed, depending on the estimated length of your renovation project. This can further reduce stress as there is no rental agreement and if a project overruns, there is no one to alert during what is likely to be a busy time for your home life.

To arrange a viewing at their showground in the rural area of Horsham, West Sussex, please call 014030 274877 and choose option 1.