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Step up the style: Ideas & inspiration for transforming your staircase

When it comes to refreshing the interior décor of your home it is usually the areas that you spend the most time in that get preferential treatment. Therefore, living rooms, kitchens and master bedrooms are generally treated to regular overhauls, whilst other areas of the home can get forgotten. One area that typically gets overlooked — despite being one of the most used parts of the home — is the staircase.

More often than not, staircases get the ‘magnolia treatment’ with very little consideration in regards to style. However, staircases can provide a whole host of design opportunities, and can serve as a dramatic feature of the home.

Read on to gain ideas and inspiration for transforming your staircase.

A pop of colour

Introducing an element of colour can be a great way of breaking up larger staircases. You can be as subtle or bold as you like; even a simple accent colour along skirting boards and base rails can make a stunning impact.

Go back to basics

Sometimes raw materials don’t need any embellishment, which is certainly the case with this exposed brick and natural wood combination. Wider stairs allow the natural grain of the wood to act as a design feature in itself, complemented by a simple balustrade configuration.

Mix up materials

Combining different materials of different weights and textures can create a striking effect, as this chunky wood and delicate steel example highlights.

Pure and simple

It is certainly a case of less is more with this dazzling white hallway and staircase. The monochrome theme is accentuated with ice white spotlights, which highlight the contrasting texture of the stone wall against the polished floor.

It’s all in the detail

For a unique way to address a stone staircase take inspiration from this Hungarian design. Combine bold paintwork with exposed brick for a charming rustic effect.

Bold and beautiful

Staircases are often set against a large expanse of wall, in some areas spanning two storeys of the home. This offers the ideal space to experiment with a bold colour scheme, statement wallpaper or striking wall hanging. If you prefer a more subtle effect you could split the wall with a dado rail and paint the lower half with a crisp white or neutral colour to tone down the overall impact.

Maximise lighting

The additional ceiling height that staircases offer presents the perfect opportunity to showcase statement lighting. Depending on your interior style you could take a traditional approach and opt for an elaborate chandelier and coordinating wall lights, as per the above example. Alternatively, for a more modern themed hallway a simple oversized pendant light can be equally striking.

Accent flooring

Statement flooring is a great way to complement a staircase and make more of your hallway and landing. Dark metal spindles and rich wood tones sit perfectly against bold geometric tiles, providing a stylish, yet practical flooring choice.

Comfort and class

Despite being one of the most luxurious materials in interior design, marble can be very cold, not to mention slippery under foot. Carpet runners are a great way to address this issue, providing soft, warm comfort whilst still allowing the marble to show through along the edges. On a practical level, a runner will also help preserve the marble from wear and tear.

Highlight with patterns

Adding detail to stair risers is an effective way of smartening up a staircase, as this tiled example highlights. There are a huge variety of tiles available in multiple designs, colours and textures to accentuate your existing staircase and hallway decor.