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Sweet dreams: How to choose the best luxury duvet for summer

By LLM Reporters  |  June 15, 2021
luxury bedroom

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, there are many factors to take into consideration – from your sleep hygiene and nightly routine, to the temperature in your bedroom at night. But above all, it comes down to feeling comfortable and relaxed enough to drift off and stay there for the full eight hours, which simply isn’t likely to happen without the right choice of luxury bedding.

Feeling too hot or cold in the night is one of the primary reasons people toss and turn and experience disruptions in sleep, and during the summer months, this is a particular issue for those who fail to replace their winter bedding with an appropriately lighter alternative. Although there is a lot to be said for a thick, soft and utterly sumptuous set of winter bedding, in the summer, it could be doing you more harm than good – so it’s time to let go of that decadent slice of luxury and go shopping for a summer duvet instead.

Contrary to popular belief, you actually don’t have to forego that luxury feeling at this time of year, and the right bedding set will offer you the perfect balance you’re looking for. We asked the experts at The Sleep Advisors to talk us through how to find the best duvets in the UK for the summer season – so it’s time to get ready for your best night’s sleep yet.

luxury bedroom
If you want to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible, the key is to research the different duvet types available

The right tog for the job

Knowing your togs is essential when it comes to choosing the right duvet for the summer months – too high, and you’ll be venturing into winter bedding territory, so avoid anything in the realm of 9 – 13.5, which will see you through from autumn into winter.

For summer, you’ll want to track down a much lower tog duvet – so essentially, a much lighter duvet. 4.5 is usually best, and will allow you to achieve the optimal ‘thermo-neutral’ temperature needed for a good night’s sleep – a little below normal body temperature, around 28-29° C.

Sizing things up

When choosing your luxurious bedding for the summer months, it’s important to take size into consideration. Your needs will be fairly easy to determine, as duvets usually come in single, double, queen and king sizes – so all you’ll need to do is match yours up with the type of bed you sleep on.

Of course, length might also be a consideration; if you’re particularly tall, for example, then you may wish to opt for an extra long or large duvet. It might be the warmest season of the year, but there’s nothing like a cold pair of feet to ruin a good night’s sleep.

woman sleeping in bed
For warmer climates and hot summer nights, a good quality 4.5 tog down or luxury microfibre duvet is ideal

A filling fit for royalty

If you’re looking for a luxury duvet, then the filling you choose is the most important factor to consider. Not all fillings, it seems, are created equal – so if you’re hoping for a sumptuous feeling and the kind of bedding you just can’t wait to sink into at night, then take note.

There’s no denying that goose down is one of the most opulent filling choices out there. Soft and indulgent, they are highly sought-after and often come with a high price tag, but are guaranteed to last you for years to come. Fluffier than duck down, which is another popular choice, goose down duvets are both warm and lightweight – which makes them an excellent choice for year round while simply switching up the tog.

Synthetic micro-fibre and hollow-fibre duvets, on the other hand, have come a long way in recent years, and bearing in mind that animal down pillows aren’t for everyone, it’s just as well. This type of duvet can now effectively mimic the former for an equally comfortable night’s sleep – but it’s important to pay for quality, because lower-priced synthetic duvets can quickly lose their shape and softness, leaving them limp, flat and utterly unluxurious.

The bottom line

If you treat yourself to one luxury this summer, make it a new bedding set. It will make more difference than you think when it comes to getting a quality night of shut-eye, making this your most well-rested and restorative season yet.