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Taking care of your home: Top tips on preserving those quality purchases

By LLM Reporters  |  August 26, 2020
marble kitchen

It’s all very well seeking out those one-off, hard to find purchases or spending your money on top-quality kitchen accessories when sprucing up your home, but do you know how best to take care of these special buys?

From marble worktops to antique furniture and hard wood flooring, there are many ways in which you can add value to your interiors, couple these with everyday items like your small kitchen appliances and accessories and you will surely have a home to envy.

We look at some of those items that might need a little care and attention to keep them looking new and working well at all times.

Marble looks great and is easy to maintain, but what do you do if a stain appears?

Kitchen accessories

Being sustainable in many areas of life is encouraged, so next time you find a build up of limescale in your kettle, for example, don’t throw it out and exchange it for another, just give it a good clean. If you’re unsure of how to remove limescale from a kettle, coffee maker or washing machine then fear not, it’s a simple task that will keep your appliance lasting longer. Just grab a special cleaner – a descaler – or go natural with vinegar, lemon juice or cola and your appliances will be fresher in minutes.

While we’re in the kitchen, it’s always a good idea to have a bottle of sink unblocker to hand for any unseen build ups in the pipes caused by food remnants, fat and oils, which always seem to find a way of disappearing down the drain.


A true luxury material to have in the home, marble may not be the least expensive to install but is a dream when it comes to maintaining it. Anyone with marble installed within their interiors, whether within flooring, the bathroom or in kitchen worktops, will know that they are actually one of the easiest materials to maintain, but what should you do if you do spot a stain? First things first is to use a mild detergent with water, avoiding any acid containing products and use a sponge or soft cloth to remove the stain. If the stain remains, then you can use a special marble cleaner to freshen up the surface.

wood floor
Hardwood flooring will stand the test of time, providing it is well looked after

Hardwood flooring

Like any quality item in your home, hardwood flooring will stand the test of time, providing it is well looked after. Prevention is the key here to keeping your floors looking their very best at all times, and by this we mean regular cleaning. Dusting every day (with a microfibre cloth) will get rid of any dirt that is lying in wait ready to scratch your lovely flooring, while hoovering weekly will pick up any other bits lying around, but make sure to use the brush attachment to avoid any scratches.

To get rid of stains or spillages, grab yourself a hardwood floor cleaner and use a light mist with a microfibre cloth rather than a wet mop or steam cleaner as these can dull the finish of the wood. If it has a surface finish, then be sure to polish the wood flooring every few months to keep it looking shiny and new. And also be aware that solid wood flooring can warp if it’s consistently left damp from cleaning, whereas engineered wood flooring has a much better resistance to warping so it’s certainly worth knowing what kind of floor you have.

Antique furniture

Follow a similar pattern of care that you would with hardwood flooring when looking after any antique furniture you have around the home. Soft brush cleaning, avoiding wet cleaning, and waxing will keep any unique pieces you have looking sharp.