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The benefits of house cleaning services for visiting guests during Covid

By LLM Reporters  |  April 23, 2021

As lockdown eases, our ability and eagerness to host guests in our residences is now returning, and while we are currently only allowed to accept visitors into our gardens, this will soon change.

As people come indoors from May 17th you will no doubt be excited at the prospect of spending quality time with family members or friends who you have missed meeting with over the extensive lockdowns. When rules relax, so do people and while this is a positive for many, the risk of spreading and catching Covid is still very much apparent. So, while you want to be sociable and make up for lost time and celebrate those missed and ongoing celebrations, how can you keep safe at the same time? Keeping your home clean to a professional standard is sure to help.

Hiring a team of professionals is a sure-fire way to ensure your home is as clean as can be

Covid and cleanliness

How does keeping your home clean affect the transmission of Covid? According to “COVID-19 spreads from person to person through small droplets, aerosols and through direct contact. Surfaces and belongings can also be contaminated with COVID-19 when people with the infection cough or sneeze or touch them.”

The government information website lists cleaning surfaces as one of the most important ways to reduce the spread of the virus, adding: “Increased frequency of cleaning of general room surfaces reduces the presence of the virus and the risk of contact” so it goes without saying that keeping your home as clean as possible when you have people visiting really can make a difference.

Step up your cleaning routine

It’s more important now than ever that you step up your cleaning routine. While we’ve only had ourselves to worry about over the last few months, we will soon be cleaning for our guests, too, and alongside social distancing and regular testing, ensuring surfaces are clean is one of the best ways you can reassure guests in your home.

cleaning products
Keeping your home as clean as can be can help to stop the spread of the virus

Thankfully, with house cleaning services available from the likes of Cleaning Express in London, ensuring your home is shipshape just got a lot easier. The question is, why use a house cleaning service like Cleaning Express now and how can it help to when it comes to protecting you and your loved ones from the spread of Covid?

Here are just some of the benefits you could expect to see:

Save time

First and foremost, cleaning takes time and energy, and while we may have just had a few months of no socialising, our calendars are now filling up. With visitors gracing our homes, it makes perfect sense to get more thorough when it comes to cleaning, both before they arrive and after they have left, and especially when preparing food during gatherings. With the extra cleaning now required, it makes perfect sense to save yourself time by hiring a specialised team who’ll sweep in and out, providing a thorough clean before and after your guests visit, should you wish.

Additional safety for your house members

Of course you’re going to be excited about finally welcoming guests once again, but let’s not forget that there is still very much a risk, especially when it is stated that one in three people display no symptoms whatsoever – hence the push for regular rapid testing. Having professional cleaning services in the home will only serve to protect your house members and visiting loved ones even more so, something that no one could argue with.

Guests and those living in your home should feel safer knowing you have taken extra precautions

Total reassurance for guests

Your guests may feel nervous, which is understandable. By showing them you’ve used professional house cleaning teams to prepare your home, you’re showing them you’ve taken extra steps to ensure everything is clean and spotless, ready for their visit, and therefore putting their minds at complete ease, while cleaning before and after visits will ensure any spread of the virus is halted in its tracks should you have a guest who’s contaminated but unaware. While it may sound like overkill, it’s simply a case of taking the necessary precautions and by doing so, you’ll enjoy complete peace of mind

Contact a cleaning specialist today

Inviting guests back into our homes is something we’ve all been looking forward to, so make it a moment to remember for the better with the help of professional home cleaning services. If you’d like more information on Cleaning Express, the precautions their cleaning teams are taking as well as how they can help you navigate these very uncertain times as we allow visitors back into our homes, we recommend contacting them today on 0203 633 0390.