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The home decor trends that will transform your home in 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, it’s time to start looking ahead to what the new year will bring – and, if you’re thinking of updating your home space, then there’s no better time to start getting a handle on the trends that are set to dominate the interiors (and exteriors) world over the next twelve months.

If you want to be a trend-setter rather than a follower of the masses in 2019, then it pays to be one step ahead of the game – and to help get you off on the right foot, we’ve rounded of five of the biggest trends that will transform your home. Promising to have your dwelling looking fabulous from the inside out in no time, these are the home additions you need to make now.

Designers are already talking about the home decor trends for 2019

Statement staircases

With more people than ever now choosing to ‘improve, don’t move’, space is a hot topic in urban homes. Extending into the roof is now a common strategy for those wanting to make the most of their homes, and finding the space for a standard staircase can prove a challenge – but spiral clip staircases, such as the block-coloured kind seen online at Fontanot Shop UK, are a chic and space-saving solution that will make a statement you’re proud to show off. Exterior staircases, such as those leading down from an upper floor apartment into the garden below, will also get an overhaul in 2019 – expect to swap drab steel for bold colours, promising to brighten up your back yard even in the bleakest of winters.

Dark kitchens

Online searches for black and navy blue kitchens have risen by 93% over the past six months – a surefire sign that their star is rising as we hurtle towards the new year. A nod to Scandi noir, dark kitchen cabinetry is a chic and sophisticated way to give your home a dramatic overhaul, and matt finishes make for a thoroughly modern feel. It’s official; dark blue hues have replaced greys as the interior go-to – and you can expect them to continue turning heads in 2019.

Online searches for black and navy blue kitchens have risen by 93% over the past six months

Brass taps

When it comes to fixtures and fittings, copper has been hogging the limelight in recent years, but in 2019 it’s set to make way for brass. Adding a stylish feel to any bathroom or kitchen, brass taps can serve as a statement against simple stone or sophisticated marble. In the kitchen, industrial chic is still going strong, and this exciting new twist will add warmth without compromising on cool. From sinks to baths and even utility room faucets, brass is predicted to reign supreme in 2019 – so update yours now to be one step ahead.

Concrete bathrooms

Increasingly becoming the go-to material for bathrooms, concrete is a functional utilitarian material choice, offering a simple finish that is rough around the edges yet still achieves a polished overall look. In fact, the latest techniques mean that you can quite literally have it polished down into a very smooth and refined surface, ensuring a stylish result that you’ll want to shout about. Durable and hard-wearing, the concrete trend is here to stay – and is a great investment for the future if you’re looking for a bathroom or kitchen that lasts.

When it comes to fixtures and fittings, copper has been hogging the limelight in recent years, but in 2019 it’s set to make way for brass

Mermaid tiles

If you haven’t spotted the trend for mermaid tiles this year, then where exactly have you been? From scallop patterns to fish scales, ornamental quatrefoils to simple hexagons, these stylish bathroom tiles make for the ultimate statement – and as a trend that is only just getting started, they’re set to dominate in 2019. Opt for a single feature wall or go mad on the floor – the possibilities are endless. Mermaid tiles create a striking effect that will leave a lasting impression on visitors and guests, for all the right reasons.

Modern living walls

You’ve heard about living roofs, but how about living walls? The perfect addition to compact gardens and courtyards or small balconies and roof terraces, they’re a novel solution for places where space is limited. You may not be able to grow outwards, but you can always grow upwards – and, offering a raft of benefits to both occupant health and the environment, these lush and leafy installations are one of the hottest trends to watch for the year ahead.