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The hottest bedroom décor trends for 2021

By LLM Reporters  |  December 11, 2020

For many people, the bedroom is more than just the room they visit to sleep off the day, it is their sanctuary.

Bedrooms often provide a space where people turn to relax, decompress and find some peaceful time in their hectic days. They can be the perfect expression of who you are as an individual or they can also simply be just another stylishly decorated room in your home.

Whatever you consider your bedroom to be, it goes without saying that when your space is carefully decorated, you tend to feel better about the room you are occupying. When planning an update to the décor, it is always a good idea to think about how you want to feel in that room – if it is a calming sanctuary then textures and colours will play an important role.

Whether you want your room to be a place of true tranquillity or a more functional space, we’ve rounded up some of the hottest bedroom décor trends for 2021.


The days of beige, white and cream being the prominent colours of the most fashionably decorated rooms are slowly fading. Though those shades do an excellent job of embodying calming and peaceful vibes, trends are changing and instead all the shades of grey along with deeper tones are all the rage.

Rustic and natural elements are always popular, but how will they be styled in 2021?

Black and white is making a comeback and we should be seeing a lot of in the coming year. The colour combination is so simple, yet it brings a certain dynamic to any room. Black and white works well in either a classic or contemporary set up and is ideal for the bedroom.

If you opt for darker shades in your room, make sure that you also try to incorporate tiny splashes of vibrant colour to break up the deep tones, and the simplest way to do this is by adding it within a small detail like a quilt or cushions. Another great way to add a splash of colour is to paint the walls, though the trend is to paint one wall as an accent wall and keep the rest fairly neutral.

Natural materials

People are going crazy for the natural and environmentally friendly materials when it comes to decorating their bedrooms. This is a trend that started growing long before this year and it is only getting more popular. Things like ecological materials are being used by interior designers more by the minute.

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate this trend into your bedroom. You can choose your own carpets, rugs, decorative ornaments, and bedspreads that all have some level of natural fibres incorporated. It will give your room that easy-going rustic look and you’ll sleep better knowing that you shopped consciously.

A minimalist and uncluttered bedroom provides a serene sanctuary

Terracotta floors

Terracotta floors are having a revival and though you may already be spotting them in houses, this new trend comes slightly updated. Most styles of terracotta floors you will see next year are those that appear more rustic than what came before, and what gives the tile a more rustic effect is the opaque, textured and less shiny and polished look.


When it comes to a common trend in the bedroom, a classic look can never be beaten. This doesn’t have to mean a dark wood four poster bed dressed in ornate fabrics, though you can absolutely style your room in this way, if you like. You can update the classic look by choosing a bed that is sleeker in style, but also makes for a focal point in the room. Furniture should always match, and lighter woods works better for a contemporary aesthetic while darker woods will always look more classic. Calming colours can be used here to – pale blue, soft, earthy greens and creamy tones really make the classic vibe work well here and a plant will always bring another, welcome dimension to the proceedings.


Minimalism has really taken the world by storm, and it’s not hard to see the appeal of this pared back trend. It has transitioned into the way we decorate our homes and next year we can see people incorporating this into their bedrooms a lot more. More and more are edging towards wanting to lead more uncomplicated lives, and within bedroom décor this translates to simplistic décor, a completely uncluttered environment, straight lines and soft and dark shades.

Monochrome and a splash of colour makes for a modern bedroom


It seemed like the rustic bedroom style appeared out of thin air. One moment everyone was obsessed with bedrooms looking grand and plush, and now we are going for something that looks like you’ve stepped inside a palatial cabin in the woods. This is the perfect bedroom style for you if you want your home to look like something straight out of a magical movie set in the forest or if you are really into rustic, natural décor. Achieving this look is very simple and can be achieved by adding small details like old wooden plants to your walls or the use of natural wood furniture and flooring.

Creative headboards

First it was wood, then it was upholstered headboards, and now people are getting entirely creative with their headboards, with some ditching the idea altogether.

Many people are making an entire feature wall of the space behind their beds with artwork, photographs, picture shelves and murals making their bedrooms stand out from the rest. This offers the perfect opportunity to flex your creative gift and turn an otherwise ordinary area into something far more eye-catching.

Cosy bedroom styles

We all want our bedrooms to embody a cosy and restful nature, after all that’s the perfect environment for a soothing night’s sleep. Some people, however, are looking for every aspect of their bedrooms to be a cosy haven where they can recline in comfort and style, be it for sleeping, snuggling up with a good book, sipping a coffee or meditating. A room like this will want to focus on soft and comforting fabrics like velvet, fluffy pillows, textured blankets, low lighting and soft tones throughout.