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The interior trends that will transform your home in mid 2017

living room chair

2017 is in full swing, and though the dawn of the new year is long gone, it’s never too late to go out with the old and in with the new and update your home. With summer comes a chance to start afresh, and it’s an inspiring season brimming with trends to take your house from a cosy winter-friendly pad to a chic and elegant space you’ll want to be in all year round.

Missed the boat on 2017’s hottest home trends so far? Well, we’ve rounded up our top six to help get those creative juices flowing.

Why choose a straight staircase when you can opt for a spiral one? The spiral staircase is a classic and timeless design that never fails to add a bit of character to a living space. Staircases are often overlooked as just another essential element to a home, but given some thought and careful planning they can become a central feature and a focal point, instead.

Staircase designers have upped their game in recent years, and modern designs are grand and glamorous. From stainless steel to monochrome and glass, there are many variations to consider – and if you can roll two trends into one, then it’s a no-brainer.

And don’t forget your outdoor space, either. External metal staircases are perfect for apartments or flats and make for easy access to a garden or garage below. A spiral staircase will always make a great statement, whether indoors or out.

Statement lighting is everywhere this year

Updating your home doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you’re not in a position to do a complete redesign or overhaul, then choosing some statement pieces can completely transform your living space.

Statement lighting is everywhere this year; from bold, metallic floor lamps to overhead pendants. Choose copper, rose gold, or a bold palette of primary colours to add an utterly modern edge to your home – and a good dash of personality, too.

Geometric light shades and lamps are also enjoying a slice of the limelight, and can create an edgy look to an otherwise simple room.

It’s worth remembering that lighting can change everything, and has the power to show off your décor choices in just the right way, if you’ll let it. Not only that, but it’s central to creating just the right ambience in your home – from romantic and mysterious to professional and modern, the possibilities are endless.

Durable and versatile, marble has been everywhere for the past couple of years, inspiring everything from clothing and jewellery to phone covers and laptop cases. When it comes to your home, there truly are no limits, and marble adds an opulent touch – whether you choose to deck out your kitchen with marble countertops, or add just a touch here and there in well-chosen pieces of homeware.

Arabescato marble is a popular choice amongst designers, but the second half of 2017 is set to see a shift towards the darker varieties. Raw marble wall clocks and coffee tables that incorporate copper and rose gold have long been popular, but this time, brass will be huge. Invest in your key pieces now, and beat the flock.

Black might not be the first colour that springs to mind when it comes to your kitchen, but rest assured – it’s the look du jour. Pair it with white for a modern, monochrome look that will make sure allow you to maintain that spacious feel – think bright white walls, accented with black accessories, or all-black cupboards and walls against a bright white floor.

Grey is still a key colour for home interiors, too, and is an excellent option for bringing the colour palette together if stark contrast isn’t your thing.

chairs on wooden flooring
Wooden flooring remains a popular interior design trend

It’s been a while since dark wood last had its day, taking a back seat behind oak and white-washed varieties for some years. But in 2017, dark hardwood floors are back for the long-haul, and promise a more modern and elegant look.

Less prone to staining, they’re a good investment for the future, too – and add an element of glamour to any hallway or living space.

What better way to add interest and character to your contemporary styled home than with traditional-style furniture? Mixing the old with the new is something that all of the top interior designers are recommending in 2017, and not without good reason.

Breaking the rules and shunning traditionally design styles is a great way to express yourself and to really put your stamp on a space, and vintage elements combined with the utterly modern can make for an appealing look that screams confidence in yourself and your own tastes.