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The long-lasting impact of luxury living

Here, interiors expert Will Lyne shares his top tips for evoking the feeling of luxury in your home and the long-term benefits of opting for those particular investments.

By LLM Reporters  |  November 28, 2021
luxury kithchen

It goes without saying that the majority of us want to evoke a feeling of luxury when we step through our front door. And whilst that does not necessarily mean replicating the standard seen in the Sistine Chapel, our homes are still meant to represent the aesthetic we hope to evoke in our familiar space.

But investing in a feeling of luxury in the home can also drastically increase its value – as long as the budget is devoted to areas or spaces that do actually increase how much it is ultimately worth.

As the co-owner and master designer of luxury kitchen and interiors brand, Christopher Peters, Will Lyne is well rehearsed in supporting his clients to get the most out of their property investments. Here are his top tips for evoking the feeling of luxury in your home and the long-term benefits of opting for those particular investments.

Switch up your kitchen

One of the most popular kitchen layouts, especially having come out the other side of the nationwide lockdown, is open-plan living – essentially, standard food preparation areas with a suitable space for eating or relaxing.

So, if your current kitchen space allows for a seating area, I would recommend adding a table – a bistro style for two is perfect for smaller spaces, or perhaps opt for a large, more traditional farmhouse type with benches and a plush armchair at each end. This can double up as a social area for when having friends for dinner and therefore increases the functionality of the space.

But if your kitchen does not allow for a layout change, perhaps consider a complete change of look. It is estimated that the average British homeowner replaces – or at least refreshes – their kitchen space every seven to ten years. And it goes without saying that, as one of the most costly projects in the home, a new kitchen can increase the value of your property drastically.

Opting for a style that will ultimately stand the test of time – for instance, shaker units in muted tones – will ensure longevity and evoke the feeling of luxury too. At Christopher Peters, we often work to this style, fitting bespoke units that maximise practicality without taking away from a luxurious feel.

Bring the spa to you

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the busiest place in the home. And if you’ve got children, you will know that getting more than two people through the bathroom and in the car in time for the school run is no mean feat! With so much wear and tear, it goes without saying that the bathroom is often the place most in need of a facelift.

With the upheaval and inconvenience of replacing a bathroom – especially if the property only has one – a newly renovated space can often be at the top of a homeowner’s wish list. Whether you are choosing to sell on or stay put, updating the bathroom is a great way to add a luxurious, spa-like feel to your home. Installing a roll-top or Jacuzzi bath, sticking to soft, neutral tones and installing elegant lighting are all sure-fire ways to evoke the feeling of a day spa in the comfort of your own home. And by investing in bespoke storage solutions, any unsightly mess – including brightly coloured shampoo bottles – can be stored away in time for any property viewings.

Extend up into the loft


An extra bedroom or a wonderful view can give your home the wow factor while potentially adding to its value, especially if you include an en-suite bathroom or even a walk-in wardrobe in the design. In a city, it is an obvious way of adding space and value.

Considering the significant cost implication of a loft conversion, this is possibly the sort of large-scale renovation that you would push forward with if you were planning on remaining in the property but want to add value to it that won’t diminish over time.

To add a feeling of luxury to the space, you want to ensure that the contractors and suppliers you’re working with come highly recommended and pay attention to detail – something we don’t compromise on for the renovations we complete for our clients. You’ll then want the finish of the space to live up to the investment you’ve made and, with a blank canvas to work with, this is where you can evoke a feeling of opulence in the new rooms you’ve created.

Add luxury to your living space

Without question, the main living spaces in the home – so the sitting room, separate dining areas and family room – offer the most opportunity for creative flair and design. It is here that you can emulate exactly what it is you want your family and guests to feel. If you do have an eye for luxury design and you want to add pieces that will stand the test of time, I would recommend investing in bespoke furniture that truly fulfils the function you need it to. This is especially important for more practical pieces of furniture that are not usually designed around the look of the piece, like TV units and toy storage.

Because they are designed, built and finished to your exact specifications, the rest of the space will appear more polished – as if created by an interior designer. This, in turn, will increase that all-important wow factor and, ultimately, the overall value and ‘buyability’ of the property.

Evoking a feeling of luxury in your home can have much more of an impact than increasing its overall value. Aside from making the space feel more welcoming, styled and timeless, it can create an extension of your own personality that will stand the test of time.

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