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The top 10 hottest home and interior design trends for 2018

By Louise Bird, Creative Director at Trindade and Bird, a leading interior design studio based in London and Kent creating luxury interiors for both private and commercial clients.

As 2017 draws to a close, we’re already looking ahead to see what’s new and noteworthy for the new year. I’ll be sharing what I believe will be trending next in the world of interiors and how we can welcome these emerging trends into our homes and our lives.

No. 1 Wabi-Sabi


In a modern world plagued by the pursuit of unrealistic perfection, I for one have always held a true appreciation for both natural and timeworn pieces with a story to tell. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese saying referring to the celebration of the beauty of imperfection, and much like Hygge, could as much be referred to as a way of life, as much as a style ethos. This view is set to become a massive trend in the world of interiors for 2018 as we move toward a greater respect for natural materials and embrace asymmetry, simplicity and modesty in our homes.

No. 2 Greenery

Dubbed the ‘house jungle’ trend, plants are creeping back into our homes more and more. Filling every corner with a botanical specimen is already a growing passion amongst us millennials, so I see without doubt that ‘jungle fever’ is set to become a national obsession in 2018. And who wouldn’t fall for the endless array of planters and pots, they are just as addictive to collect as the plants themselves!

No. 3 Off Black

Black interiors are a big no no, right? Well think again, black is back, but not how you might think. Much like when us designers took to ‘off white’ as an alternative to the stark brilliant whites of the 90’s, well, we are now adopting the same approach with black, opting for more chalky, softer versions of the colour we once knew to be bold and unforgiving. Off Black becomes the back-drop, a neutral if you like, from which almost any colour and style can be enhanced, making Off Black hot tipped to be making an appearance in our homes in 2018.

No. 4 Metallics

Metallics are fundamentally a classic, timeless element for any interior, however for 2018 these will be evolving and becoming more neutral with a move toward iridescent and pearlised finishes. We will also be continuing to enjoy the gold rush revolution in 2018, with a continued shift towards warmer tones of brass and bronze in our homes.

No. 5 Herringbone Floors

Whether it be tiles or wood, herringbone patterns will be everywhere in 2018 and I am absolutely loving the come-back of this timely classic in our homes. Adding a touch of glamour and sophistication, this style of flooring is an absolute must-have if you’re renovating. We are seeing dark wood finishes coming through, such as blackened oak, but perfect is out and textured and interesting is in, so look for brushed, scraped and rustic finishes to add depth and interest.

No. 6 Earthy Terracotta

Let’s face it, we live in a world consumed by technology, I am sitting at a computer right now, with a bright glossy screen, so I feel a little homage to something more grounded and earthy is much needed to re-balance. So next year we’ll be embracing anything ‘earthy’ and raw with Terracotta tiles which will be having an overdue revival.

Above all, we’ll be seeing a new-found respect for all that is not glossy and new in 2018, by instead looking to natural materials and embracing a more traditional approach to creating a home.

No. 7 Peach

Moving on from the blush pink we’ve seen in abundance throughout 2017, I see a revival of Peach on the horizon! It’s been a while since we’ve a washed our homes in this pretty tone, but we’ll be approaching this classic with a new twist in the coming year. Fusing this delicate tone with bold statement contemporary pieces to bring this old favourite bang up to date.

No. 8 Tribal Patterns & Colonial Influences

Think shutters, tropical plants, rattan, animal skins and curiosities found on distant travels. Colonial styling embodies many of the trends we are going to be seeing more of next year.

Colonial homes, epitomised fusion styling, bringing western notions and teaming them with ethnic influences to create what we now regard as quintessentially timeless classic, understated opulence.

A tribal pattern print fabric makes a perfect statement cushion in any scheme and brings an eclectic touch to any home.

With ethnic influences on trend right now, I am looking forward to fusing these traditions with some new ideas for the coming year.

No. 9 Mixed Materials

We’re saying so long to the white gloss kitchen, and good riddance in my opinion! Instead we’ll be creating more individual and unique interiors by mixing up the materials and this trend is set to emerge to a point next year when everyone feels that they can trust it (as that takes time when you’re talking about interiors, our fashions can’t be fly by night!)
We’ll be seeing an homage to the mis-matching imperfections, from rustic wood to contrasting dark hand-painted finishes (with the brush strokes adding depth) and a touch of ‘door jewellery’ to satisfy our magpie tendencies.

No. 10 Fusion Homely Cosiness

In 2018 we’ll be striving to put a new twist on the original concepts of a time gone-by, by fusing traditional ideas with new materials, together with taking new styles and teaming with classic palettes.

This emerging trend attributes our thirst for a blend of styling that is truly unique. The best of old and new ideas, brought together for the new age with the freedom to be surrounded by things that mean something, as that is what creates a home, and will remain timeless, regardless of current trends.

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