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The top 5 luxury shower ideas for 2020

By Adrianna Johns  |  January 25, 2020

Occasionally we grow unexcited of certain rooms in our home and the only way to improve our mood is to simply transform the space by styling it differently. If you have been thinking about redecorating your bathroom space or completely redesigning it, then this is the year to do so.

With careful planning and close attention to detail, a luxury bathroom can be designed in any home, and regardless of your style, the most important element is to create a space where you can truly relax and unwind. By simply modernising, focusing on clever storage solutions, and considering upcoming trends, your bathroom can go from underwhelming to impressive.

Every bathroom, regardless of the size, can be intelligently redesigned to make the most of the available space. If you are lacking inspiration, then rest assured that we have found the best ways to swiftly transform your bathroom into a luxury space — no expenses spared

Treat yourself to a luxury shower in 2020

Create a spa

A lack of personal time has encouraged many to pursue self-indulgent opportunities by transforming their bathrooms into a wellness area, where relaxation is something they can look forward too after a hectic day at work and in the comfort of their own homes.

If you have the space to transform your bathroom into a spa, then we suggest you do so, as creating a spa-style oasis is more attainable than previously imagined. Shop online today and opt for one of their more minimalistic styles of glass shower doors and luxury mirrors, as well as shop around for the very best wood and honed stone finishes that can be used in combination with brass fittings or industrial copper.

Focus on using neutral colours that promote a sense of serenity rather than bright tones, which can cause a heavier presence. Introduce dimmable lights to change the ambience easily and add steam and sauna elements to create your perfect oasis.

Every bathroom, regardless of the size, can be intelligently redesigned to make the most of the available space

Introduce patterns

Patterns have been going through a revival and if you introduce it well, it can dramatically change the overall character of the space. A perfect way of changing the look of the room is to add patterned tiles to either the show area or to the floor.

With so many beautiful designs to choose from, you are certainly spoilt for choice, as you can either select a breathtaking monochromatic design that will visually expand the space or opt for a more colourful option to bring life to this room — regardless of which design you choose, rest assured that it will attract the attention of visitors.

Combine light and dark shades

If you are choosing to opt for a more elegant yet balanced look in your bathroom, then why not choose a combination of light and dark tiles to create the perfect look?

Perfectly complementing one another, black and white shades can be used to enhance specific features. When incorporating this to your bathroom, place darker tiles to the shower area to bring attention to the main attraction and fit in glass shower doors to enhance the sense of luxury.

Marble is certainly enjoying its moment in the limelight, and rightfully so, as it adds a luxurious feel to any home

The beauty of marble

Marble is certainly enjoying its moment in the limelight, and rightfully so, as it adds a luxurious feel to any home. The beautiful natural material comes in a variety of colours, markings and veining, thereby two pieces are never the same. This creates a unique look which is naturally sought after by anyone wishing to redesign a room.

Typically, marble has always been used in traditional colours, although people are being far more adventurous than ever before. Nowadays, you can find marble in a variety of colours, including blues, yellows and greens.

A smart shower

With promises to simplify your lifestyle and improve your home, smart installations in your bathroom can be exactly what you need in 2020. There are so many smart digital showers on the market, therefore it can be difficult to find the correct one for you. However, once you get one, there is no turning back.

With easy-to-use controls, built-in safety features and a reliable thermostat system, smart showers are perfect for anyone who would like to fully control every aspect of your showering experience from your phone or via voice activation. Not only will it be a fantastic way to add a sense of luxury to your shower, but it will also help save water, as you can easily control the duration and flow.