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The top five considerations when redesigning the interior of your home


Redecorating and redesigning the interior of your home can be an exciting, albeit stressful activity, and one that definitely takes a lot of forward thinking. What colour scheme are you going for? Do you want matte walls or glossy? Should that chair go in the living room or the dining room? Should we put carpet or wood flooring in the hallway? They’re all valid questions, and ones we are sure have spun around your head countless times, but have you stopped to consider the important starting points? Well, that’s where we’re here to help. So sit back, grab a cuppa, and away we go.

DIY It? Or Get Some Help?

The most prominent thought that should be in your mind right now definitely isn’t whether you need wicker chairs or wooden, and instead should be ‘will I do it all myself, or hire expert help?’ If you have the knowledge and expertise to complete the redesign yourself, then it can be a great way to save a little money and have a little fun while you’re at it!

living room home

If you find yourself in need of help, however, it is important to find a reliable and trusted tradesman for the job. If you’re in need of a carpenter you should check that they have the most appropriate carpenters insurance and other accreditations prior to hiring them, so you can appropriately deal with any after-service issues in the event that they occur.

Alternatively, if you’re redesigning and renovating your entire home, you may want to hire the help of a well-rounded building firm, who will need to be part of appropriate associations and have relevant and up-to-date documentation. Prior to hiring a tradesman, make sure to shop around, and pay attention to reviews and word of mouth, while also looking at accreditation.

What Is Your Style?

Your home is exactly what it says on the tin – your home – and that means you need to keep it as comfortable as possible and using your style as a basis is one of the best ways to do that. Look through your wardrobe, flick through your belongings – what do you see? The clothes and furniture you’ve chosen in the past that you keep coming back to are amazing tells for what your style is, even if you aren’t entirely sure what it is! Pay attention to your favourites, and incorporate them in your new designs as much as possible. After all, redecorating is the prime opportunity to bring in everything you love.

What Colours Will You Choose?

Beyond picking out your favourite colours, have you considered matching the room colour to the mood you want to create? Mood enhancement through colour is one of the best solutions to improving comfort, productivity and so much more while at home. For rooms you’d usually use for relaxing, blues and greens are ideal, while yellows and reds are ideal for creating an energizing, invigorating atmosphere. Whites can also be harsh, so consider going off-white or filling the walls with pictures or paintings where possible. If you truly want dramatic colouring in your rooms, consider having it as an accent wall, or use it for the items you put in there, as opposed to the entirety of the wall!

Think About Size

This might seem like a given, but paying attention to the size of the rooms you have available to you from the offset will stop you from getting ahead of yourself early on. If you have a small bedroom, a king-sized bed may not leave you much room to put anything else in your room, whereas a large living room may need a few statement pieces to fill up the room and make it feel cosier. Take plenty of measurements before you buy a single piece of furniture, and make a detailed plan where needed to ensure optimum use of the space that you have.

How About The Long-Term Maintenance?

Before you go and buy that glass coffee table or large wall mirror for your bedroom, it may be worth considering the maintenance that you’re willing to keep up with in the future. If you have pets or small children, anything that shows up smudges could need cleaning daily, if not more often than that and while you may be willing to do just that, do you truly have the time? It’s a question only you can answer! Shaggy, soft carpets are prone to stains, so would you be prepared to shampoo the carpets regularly to keep them looking pristine? Similarly, wooden or laminate floors can need mopping more often. Consider what you have the time (and patience!) to complete, and the rest should fall into place.

Whether you’re looking to go more modern, or are just looking for something a little lighter and brighter, redesigning your interior is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment of time and money. The only question that remains now is – where are you going to start?