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These are the very best luxury artificial Christmas trees to buy in 2019

By LLM Reporters on 24th October 2019

We all love the idea of a real Christmas tree – but not so many of us are keen on the realities of dragging a 7ft Norway Spruce through the house and leaving needles all over the carpet.

If you count yourself among this reluctant group, then it may be time to finally go artificial. But don’t despair as we’ve asked the experts at Hayes Garden World for their top 8 luxury artificial tree picks for Christmas 2019.

Dual Cosmic Light Iceland Fir 6.5’

The Iceland Fir is a top of the range pre-lit tree and is quite unique in that the 3,100 long-life LED lights come in 3 colour-ways: warm white, multi-coloured and pastel shades. They also have 9 different functions which are controlled by a handy footswitch. The feel-real branches are a mixture of PE (polyethylene) and PVC. As the PVC is in the centre of the tree, and also quite heavily snowed, they are not visible once you have decorated the tree.

Shop for this tree here.

Weeping Spruce Feel-Real 7’

This tree is almost indistinguishable from the real thing due to its feel-real PE branches, down-swept look and slightly asymmetric outline. The PE branches are moulded on real tree branches for absolute authenticity. As with all of the PE/PVC mix trees, the PVC is on the inside of the tree and once decorated won’t be visible. The irregular branches of this tree really lend themselves to long decorations.

Shop for this tree here.

Georgetown Fir Feel-Real 5.5’ Pre-lit

This 5.5ft tree is an ideal height for a smaller room – if the bottom of the tree is going to be hidden behind furniture it can be raised up by standing on a small table. The outer branches create the illusion of a real tree and the large number of tips makes this a lovely thick bushy product. The LED lights are low voltage, cool to touch and long-lasting (approximately 50,000 hours).

Shop for this tree here.

Dorchester Pine 6.5’

A frosted tree which incorporates pinecones, so ideally suits a natural or Scandi type palette of pale blue, white, coffee and natural wood. The branches are a mix of feel-real PE and PVC and with its large number of tips, the result is a dense natural-looking frosted Christmas tree. As this is a natural tree it would suit lighting with berry, twig or Chinese lantern lights.

Shop for this tree here.

Sheffield Spruce 6’ Dual Light

These dual lights can be set to warm white, multi and pastel shades so will complement any interior colour scheme. There are 9 settings operated by a footswitch so you can easily change between static and twinkling. The snowy feel-real PE branches lend themselves to a pastel decorative theme, such as dusky pink, rose gold, white and antique gold or white, cream and caramel highlighted with a little dark brown.

Shop for this tree here.

Nordic Pine 6’

The glittery, snowy branches of this tree are already embellished with cones, so you could get away with a minimalist approach to decorating this tree. The unstructured appearance of the tree gives it a more natural ‘real forest’ Arctic look. Swirl some cool white cluster lights around the tree, add some dark blue, caramel and white plain baubles in various sizes and you have a quick stylishly decorated tree.

Shop for this tree here.

Frasier Grande 6’

The feel-real memory wire branches of this Frasier Grande tree make it one of the most realistic trees on the market, and also one of the quickest to assemble. The memory wire branches are made from extremely strong steel and just need dressing out the first time you use the tree – thereafter the branches will spring into shape as soon as you take it out of the box or storage bag. The uneven outline of the tree adds to its authenticity.

Shop for this tree here.

Kingswood Fir Pencil 6’ Pre-lit

If space is tight and you’re unable to accommodate a full-size tree, this ultra-slim tree is ideal. It’s lit with warm white LEDs which are long-lasting and cool to touch so perfect for those with children. Offering a traditional shape which lends itself to any decorative style and colour, whether you’re a fan of ‘anything goes’ or prefer something more stylish and contemporary.

Shop for this tree here.